Marvelous Merchandise Returns to Genshin Impact

Liben returns to Genshin Impact with the third Marvelous Merchandise event.

This means players get to run around Teyvat to procure seemingly useless items for Liben in return for Primogems, Hero's Wit, Talent Ascencion Material, Mora, and Mystic Enchantment Ores.

This looks to be the final event of Genshin Impact 1.4, giving players one last chance to snag some extra Primogems to either wish on the current Event Banner or save them for the rumored Zhongli return in Genshin Impact 1.5.

Marvelous Merchandise in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Marvelous Merchandise event will run from April 23, 2021, to April 30, 2020.

Players need to be at least Adventure Rank 12 to participate in Marvelous Merchandise.

Initially, Liben, a merchant from Liyue, would travel from place to place and require players to give him items for a chance to pick a random box of prizes.

Genshin Impact streamlined this process with the second Marvelous Merchandise event, with Liven staying in Mondstadt, doling out fixed rewards for each day's required items.

Liben generally looks for items such as Apples, Sweet Flower, and Sunsettia, though there is no telling what he may need this time around and if the event will change his location or not.

Liben is not the brightest, trading away Primogems, Talent Ascencion Material, Hero's Wit, Mora, and Enchantment Ores for commonplace items that he believes will bring him a huge payout.

While he realized the error of his ways after the first Marvelous Merchandise event, another similar scheme hit him the second time around.

Hopefully, he does not wise up and requires more from players to get such valuable goodies.

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Marvelous Merchandise Rewards and Guide

Looking like a character out of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Liben requires a certain number of a specific item from players each day to exchange them for valuable rewards.

  • Each day players will have to talk to Liben to see what the rewards are for the day and what they need.
  • Players can visit other players' worlds to see if what Liben has to offer is any different.
  • Find and submit the required items to Liben and claim the reward.

Each day's rewards will include Primogems along with either Mora, Talent Ascencion Materials, Hero's Wit, or Mystic Enchantment ore.

These rewards vary day by day and world by world.

If a player exchanges items for rewards in another player's world, they can not do so again in their own world, as a Box o' Marvels can only be claimed once per day by each player.

Once players have earned five Box o' Marvels, they can claim a Mega Box o' Marvels with even more rewards.

There is no guarantee Marvelous Merchandise will work the same way as it has in the past, though the first two were very similar in how they functioned.

While there may be small tweaks, the overall event should be similar to previous Marvelous Merchandise events, with up to 300 Primogems up for grabs in total.

For more information on what items are needed by Liben each day, check back with us.

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