Genshin Impact Pity System Guide

A screenshot of Furina from Genshin Impact Fontaine Archon Quest: Act 3.
Credit: HoYoverse

A screenshot of Furina from Genshin Impact Fontaine Archon Quest: Act 3.
Credit: HoYoverse

The arrival of Version 4.2 is imminent, bringing the banner debut of Hydro Archon Furina. Genshin Impact is an RPG, but at its core, it is also a Gacha Game with the goal to collect and level up a collection of characters.

To obtain these characters, players enter a system of gambling. Players exchange Primogems (the game's main currency) for a Wish. A Wish offers a chance to roll for the game's character and weapon banners. The more Wishes used, the bigger the opportunity to obtain a specific character.

To balance this harsh system, Genshin Impact also includes a Pity System, in which, after several wishes, the game guarantees a weapon or a character of the highest rarity (5-stars).

With the release of the Hydro Archon approaching, we have designed a guide to break down the Pity System and how you can use it to get Furina in Genshin Impact 4.2.

Genshin Impact's pity system explained

The pity system in Genshin Impact activates on two occasions:

For every 10 wishes

  • When players pull up to ten wishes, the system grants at least one 4-star character or weapon.
  • The Pity countdown restarts once you get a 4-star

For every 90 wishes

If you are in this article to know how to get a specific 5-star character, this is the pity system you'll need to master.

Chart with probabilities to pull a character in Genshin Impact
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DOING THE MATH: The wish with better chances to get your character in Genshin Impact is 76
  • Every player is guaranteed to get a 5-star character within 90 wishes
  • But, the system is not perfectly linear. For example, the table above shows that after 75 wishes, the odds increase more to favour the 5-stars character or weapons than in other places. We called this soft pity.
  • Genshin Impact features a "soft pity" system that starts after 75 wishes.
  • Wishes between 76 and 80 have the best odds of getting the 5-star character in the pity system.
  • Like the 10 Pity mechanic, the count will restart once a 5-star character appears. Therefore we recommend starting using wishes one by one after 75.

Thankfully you won't have to count your wishes manually, as Genshin Impact tracks this for you in the history button in the Banner Menu.

The 50/50 lottery

While the Pity System guarantees a 5-star, it's not necessarily the one featured in banners. But not all hope is lost for those looking to pull a specific character like Furina in Version 4.2, because Genshin Impact has a second system known as 50/50.

  • According to the Pity System, players will obtain a 5-star character in less than 90 wishes.
    • Players have only a 50% chance of getting Furina this way.
  • The other 50% chance is of getting a 5-star character from the Standard Banner, including Qiqi, Jean, Keqing, Diluc, Tighnari, and Mona.
  • In other words, once the Pity Wish is activated, the system flips a coin to decide if you get the character of the Banner or a Standard 5-star.

Heartbreaking, isn't it? But it doesn't have to be. There is hope even for those who don't get their preferred character in the first Pity.

How to guarantee Furina in Genshin Impact 4.2

Many travelers want to obtain the Hydro Archon in her debut in Genshin Impact 4.2 Here's what you'll need to make it happen for sure.

A screenshot of Furina from Genshin Impact Archon Quest Chapter IV: Act 1.
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Credit: HoYoverse
Genshin Impact 4.2 will mark the debut of Furina
  • The first time we get a Pity Wish, the system flips a coin hence the name 50/50, but that changes in the second Pity.
  • After a 50/50, the system will give you a 100% chance that the next 5-star character is the one featured in the Banner, which in the case of Genshin Impact 3.2's banner, Mongrass Enlightenment, would mean guaranteeing Nahida.
  • Keep in mind the 50/50 is back to normal after we get the 5-star featured in the chosen banner.

With this, there is a 100% chance that you get Nahida if you have enough Primogems for two Pity Wishes in the first half of Genshin Impact 3.2, making up a maximum of 180 wishes in total. This, of course, can be a lot less with a little bit of luck on your side.

Things to keep in mind

When trying to optimize the Genshin Impact wishing system, these are some tips and tricks you'll need to keep in mind.

Wishes from one Banner carry on to the next

  • For example, if you wish:
    • 30 times in Neuvillette's Banner in the first half of Version 4.1
    • 30 times in Wriothesley's Banner in the second half of Version 4.1
    • You will need less than 29 wishes to obtain a 5-star character.

50/50 rules also carry on between banners

  • Let's go back to the example:
    • Suppose you pull 45 times for the Neuvillette Banner and 44 times for the Wriothesley Banner. After this, you will get a 50/50 Pity.
    • Let's say you have bad luck and get Qiqi instead of Nilou. Well, that means the next Pity is 100% to be the featured character.
    • If this happens in the first Banner of Genshin Impact 3.2, you would have Furina, the Hydro Archon, in your roster.
  • Unfortunately, this works both ways:
    • If you are near a 100% Pity Wish and wish in Wriothesley's Banner and get her, then the system restarts, and the next Pity is back to a 50/50 coin flip.
    • With this, it's important to keep your wishes for a character banner you like.
    • Don't wish for 4-stars. They will often return to banners, and you can end up getting a 5-star you don't want.
A screenshot of Furina from Genshin Impact Archon Quest Act 3.
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Credit: HoYoverse
Understanding Genshin Impact pity system can guaranteed you get Furina this time around

Every type of Banner has its own pity system

  • For example, wishes for the Weapon Banner and the Permanent Banner don't add up to the 89 wishes you need for the character event. The same goes for the 50/50 rule.
  • Sometimes we have two banners at the same time. In this case, they share the same Pity.
    • Make sure you wish for the correct Banner in this situation.

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