Genshin Impact Sumeru: Release Date, Locations, Enemies, Characters & Latest News

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Sumeru is one of the seven nations in Genshin Impact. The nation of the Dendro element is based on Middle East civilizations.

It is the next destination in the journey of the Traveler. The new region will bring a lot of unique content, including new characters, weapons, bosses, and stories.

This article will summarize all leaks, official information, and rumors about the new nation.

Latest – New Sumeru Promotional Video Shows the Road Ahead

Hoyoverse released a new video about Sumeru, this time around, the trailer was full of action, not just a developer talking about the new region.

In the video, we see 8 Sumeru characters and important details about the story of the Dendro Nation.

  • The characters in the video by order of appearance are, Tighnari, Collei, Al Haitham, Dori, Cyno, Dehya, Nilou, and Nahida.
  • Apparently, there is a conflict between factions in Sumeru.
    • We can see Cyno fighting against Al Haitham.
    • Dehya's intervention can be interpreted as The Emirates being a force that breaks the balance in the conflict.
  • In the end scene, the traveler is in front of a big tree of fire, the same tree shown during the Fatui Teaser.
  • According to the video, Nahida's powers are related to the moon.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Release Date

Sumeru will arrive with Genshin Impact 3.0, which will go live on August 24, 2022, based on the 2022 Schedule.

It will take around one year to explore and discover all regions and stories from the Dendro Nation, so there's plenty to look forward to.

Archon Quest

Sumeru will mark the fourth chapter of the Archon Quest: Truth Amongst the Pages of Purana.

The story takes us to Sumeru to meet with the Dendro Archon that may have answers about the whereabouts of the Traveler's Sibling.

But it seems that along the way we'll find a nation being manipulated for their thirst for knowledge.

What do we know about Sumeru?

The people from Sumeru consider knowledge as the currency of the nation, they worship the God of Wisdom and the state affairs are handled by the Akademiya.

It is also the land of a new element, Dendro, that represent the force of Nature.

Dendro Reactions

Dendro is the last element to be introduced in the game, after two years we will receive the first playable characters from this element.

A new element means new reactions, however, for now, Dendro only interacts with three of the 6 Elements, at least for now. Pyro, Electro, and Hydro.

The following are the names of all the new reactions:

  • Burning
    • Enemies affected by Dendro & Pyro
  • Quicken
    • The combination of Dendro and Electro, leaving an aura in the enemies.
  • Aggravate
    • Applying Electro to a Quicken aura will trigger Aggravate.
  • Spread
    • Applying Dendro to a Quicken aura will trigger Spread.
  • Bloom
    • Bloom occurs when Dendro (or Quicken) interacts with Hydro, creating a Dendro Seed.
  • Rupture
    • If Pyro or Electro don't alter the seeds, they will produce AoE Dendro DMG over time.
  • Burgeon
    • When applying Pyro to a Seed, it will inflict AoE Dendro damage.
  • Hyperbloom
    • When Electro is applied to a Seed, Hyperbloom creates a spark that homes on the closest enemy, dealing Dendro damage.

Sumeru Map & Landmarks

Sumeru is near The Chasm, west of Liyue. There are big portions of desert terrain, and areas rich with vegetation and rainforest.

Sumeru in Genshin Impact
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The map of Sumeru in Genshin Impact 3.0 according to leaks.

Sumeru will be released in parts, the map above shows the areas available in Genshin Impact 3.0.

These are some information in regard to Sumeru Map:

  • Most of the territory is covered with mountain valleys, rivers, and rainforests.
  • There will 4 Statues of the Seven and more than 40 Teleport Waypoints.
  • Sumeru will have a map objective called the Vanarana Tree of Dreams.
    • Players can offer Dendro Sigils to obtain rewards including Resin, Fate, Midlander Billets, and more.

New Enemies in Sumeru

We have an interesting list of Genshin Impact enemies for Sumeru. Some of them are new versions of old foes. Some others are unique enemies.

  • Electro Regisvine
    • The Regisvines are flowers that grow to colossal dimensions.
    • Ascension material: Thunderclap Fruitcore.
Electro Regisvine: World boss in Genshin Impact 3.0
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Credit: Genshin Mains
Electro Regisvine: World boss in Genshin Impact 3.0
  • Jadeplume Terrorshrooms
    • The Jadeplume Terrorshrooms is a prehistoric peacock, with strong legs made out of ancient mushrooms.
    • Ascension material: Majestic Hooked Beak.
      • Majestic Hooked Beak is an ascension material for Collei & Tighnari.
Jadeplume Terrorshrooms: World boss in Genshin Impact 3.0
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Jadeplume Terrorshrooms: World boss in Genshin Impact 3.0
  • The Eremite
    • Descendents from the ancient civilization in Sumeru's Desert, are mercenaries unaligned with any nation.
      • Drop Materials: Faded Red Satin, Trimmed Red Silk, Rich Red Brocade
  • Fungi
    • The humidity and soil of Sumeru make mushrooms thrive, we will find several species that evolved into creatures.
      • We have seen some in The Chasm: Underground Mines.
    • Ascension materials: Fungal Spores, Luminescent Pollen, Crystalline Cyst Dune
  • Ruin Gargoyle
    • Abyss automaton that resembles a Gargoyle with a new arsenal of missiles.

Fatui Harbingers

According to rumors, the Fatui Harbingers will have an important presence in Sumeru, as they are trying to steal the Dendro Archon Gnosis.

Scaramouche, Arlechino, Capitano & Dottore are the names mentioned in leaks and in-game lore. Some will become bosses or playable characters.

Sumeru World Items

A significant part of the scenery but also a player's experience is the existence of world items, and Sumeru has a ton of new local specialties

These are the new World Items we know so far:

  • Dendroculus
    • Most of the time, hidden gems can be used as an offering to the statue of the Seven, in exchange for very important items.
    • In Sumeru, they are covered in leaves like a cabbage.

Dendroculus in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Blank
The Oculus version of Sumeru. Dendroculus.
  • Rukkashava Mushroom
    • A fungus that grows in layers upon layers, like a sea of clouds.
    • It grows on trees deep in the Rainforest.
  • Lunar Lotus
    • It grows in the forest's Wetlands. These plans only bloom at night. They are very bright.
  • Kalpalata
    • Flowers from Vines that grow on cliff sides. It is sometimes confused with the Lotus.
  • Harra Fruit
    • The fruit grows in the hot and humid rainforest. It is a special fruit with a spicy smell.
  • Zaytun Peach
    • The fruit of a Forest shrub. Its flesh is firm and sweet. People believe have a calming effect on the mind.
  • Padisarah
    • A holy and noble plant. It is a very rare flower due to very delicate growth conditions.
    • Like saffron, the flower buds can be processed to make a valuable spice.
  • Viboya
    • A flower without seeds. Once the earth remembers, the Viboya will bloom.
  • Sumeru Rose
    • Bright and beautiful, this purple rose gives off a pleasant fragrance.

Genshin Impact'Sumeru Characters

We have received the confirmation of 7 new Sumeru characters.

Genshin Impact characters from Sumeru according to leaks.
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Genshin Impact characters from Sumeru according to leaks.

The following three characters are expected to arrive in Genshin Impact 3.0, with the rest lacking release date info just yet.

Collei (4 stars)

  • Vision: Dendro
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Lore:
    • Collei is one of the main characters of the Genshin Impact Manga. She is looking for revenge against the Fatui that practiced experiments on her.

Dori (4 stars)

  • Vision: Electro
  • Weapon: Claymore
  • Lore:
    • Dori is a merchant that travels with a spirit trap in Genie Lamp, she is a young girl that dresses like a character from Aladdin.

Tighnari (5 stars)

  • Vision: Dendro
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Lore:
    • Tighnari is a botanist, the leader of the Forest Ranger. According to mention from other characters. Tighnari has a personality similar to Albedo.

Nahida - Kusanali

  • Nahida was presented as a mysterious young girl. It seems she is related to the fact that Sumeru people can't dream.
  • We know Nahida is the youngest of the 7 Archons, Hoyoverse has been very careful in revealing any information about her.
  • We can expect her banner around Genshin Impact 3.1-3.2.

Al Haitham

  • Based on the name of a very prominent scientific figure, Haitham is a tall guy member of the Akademiya.
  • Haitham carries a Dendro vision, he is expected to be a 5-star Sword Character.


  • Nilou is not interested in Knowledge as most people in Sumeru, instead, she practices dance and arts.
  • Leaked Footage revealed Nilous is a 5-star Hydro Character.


  • A young girl with a darker skin tone and an outfit resembling Cleopatra's. She is part of The Eremites
  • Dehya has a Pyro Vision and uses a Claymore as a weapon.

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