Genshin Impact Layla: Banner Details, Release Date, Skills, Materials, Build & Latest News

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Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks have begun rising up just days before the beginning of its upcoming beta. Among the reveals, we've received important details about Lalya, who according to leaks will be a new character in Version 3.2.

Just like it happened with Candace, there is not an official piece of information about Layla at this point. She hasn't shown up in the game as an NPC yet either.

But according to leaks, Layla is the new 4-star character in the game, and more details have been added recently.

Therefore we have decided to put all the information together and give you a general picture of who Layla is in Genshin Impact, and what leaks suggest about her Vision, Banner, Weapon, and more.

Layla Banner Release Date

Layla is expected to be the 4-star character in one of the banners of Genshin Impact 3.2, which is scheduled to go live on November 2, 2022.

Version 3.2 will also be the debut of Nahida, the human vessel of the Dendro Archon, so the next update is highly anticipated.

Who is Layla in Genshin Impact?

According to Ubatcha, Layla is a student of the Rtawahist Darshan, the branch of the Akademiya that studies the stars, including disciplines like Astronomy and Astrology, just like Mona and Alice.

Layla's Character Design

Layla will be a young girl similar to Ayaka, but the similarities don't stop there. Layla also shares the same weapon and vision. So we may say Layla is the 4-star Sumeru version of Ayaka.

Layla's Appearance according to Recent Leaks about Genshin Impact 3.2
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Layla's Appearance according to recent Leaks about Genshin Impact 3.2

The last leak about Layla shows a blurry image of her Splash Art. Uncle J drew his version of Layla. He is the same person that drew Candace before her official introduction.

Layla Skills & Abilities

Unfortunately, we don't have information about Layla's skills yet, but we think she will bring a new mechanic to the Cryo Element, as it currently has no direct interaction with the Dendro element and is part of the Dendro Archon's banners.

As more details arise, we'll update with them here.

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Layla's Best Team in Genshin Impact 3.2

While we don't have details on Layla's kit just yet, we've found that Cryo can work very well in the right Dendro team. With that, we expect the following lineup to be a solid one to show off Layla's potential.

DPS: Yelan

SUB-DPS: Nahida (Dendro Archon)

Support: Layla

Support: Sucrose or Kazuha

Based on what we know about Nahida, her Dendro application will be seamless. Therefore there will be a lot of seeds in the field. So a top-tier team with only one Dendro character is still possible.

Additionally, Cryo doesn't affect the seeds, so this team will Freeze Enemies that will then be exposed to Yelan and Nahida's Hyperbloom. If you add the Anemo Swirls buff, it seems like a deadly combination.

Keep in mind that thus far, we only have unconfirmed leaks to go on for Layla in Genshin Impact

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