Genshin Impact: A Thousand Floating Dreams - Stats & Materials for Nahida's Catalyst

The debut of a new Genshin Impact Archon is very near; Nahida, the deity of the Dendro Element, is less than two weeks away.

Nahida, the human vessel of the Dendro Archon, is a 5-star Catalyst character, and her powerful catalyst, A Thousand Floating Dreams, will arrive when she does.

Check out the stats, release date, and materials required to level up Nahida's Catalyst, A Thousand Floating Dreams, below!

Release Date

The new Catalyst, A Thousand Floating Dreams, will be featured in the first Epitome Invocation of Genshin Impact 3.2, which will go live on November 1, 2022.

Along with Nahida's tailor-made weapon, we will have the rerun of the Thundering Pulse, the best 5-star bow for Yoimiya.

A Thousand Floating Dreams

The Dendro Archon signature weapon is designed as a lamp genie with white, green, and golden, just like the outfit of Nahida.

 Genshin Impact's Signature Weapon for Nahida
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Credit: GI FRONT
A THOUSAND FLOATING DREAMS: Genshin Impact's Signature Weapon for Nahida

Nahida Catalyst Stats

  • Base ATK - 542
  • Secondary Stat: 265 Elemental Mastery

Passive at Refinement 5

  • Based on their Elemental Type, party members will provide the equipping character with the following buffs.
    • The same Elemental Type as the equipping character will increase Elemental Mastery by 64.
    • Different Elemental Types will increase the equipping character's DMG by 26% of the element of the team member.
      • (If the teammate is Pyro and the equipping character is Dendro. The Pyro damage will be increase by 26%)
    • These effects can stack up to 3 times.
  • Additionally, all nearby party members other than the equipping character will have their Elemental Mastery increased by 48

The weapon will have a similar effect to the Artifact Set Gilded Dreams and, based on the stats, will not be only suitable for Nahida but most Catalyst Characters in Genshin Impact.

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A Thousand Floating Dreams Materials

For those planning to pull for the new Genshin Impact catalyst, these materials are required to level the weapon to Level 90.

Oasis Garden Series

Players can obtain Weapon Materials from Sumeru's new Domain of Forgery, Tower of Abject Pride, on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

For a Thousand Floating Dreams to max level, players need to collect:

  • 9 Oasis Garden's Reminiscence
  • 14 Oasis Garden's Kindness
  • 14 Oasis Garden's Mourning
  • 6 Oasis Garden's Truth

Prism Pieces

Prisms are common material dropped by the Primal Constructs, new Genshin Impact enemies found in Sumeru's Desert.

Primal Constructs in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Genshin Impact Fandom
Primal Constructs are the new common enemies in Genshin Impact
  • A level 90 A Thousand Floating Dreams requires:
    • 23 Damaged Prism
    • 27 Turbid Prism
    • 41 Radiant Prism

Fungai Spores

Fungi are very diverse in Sumeru. These Genshin Impact enemies can be found in Rainforest Areas near cliffs, trees, and water bodies.

These enemies drop two types of common materials when defeated, Fungai Spores and Fungai Cores. Unfortunately, the ones necessary for the weapon are obtained less often.

  • 19 Fungai Spores
  • 23 Luminescent Pollen
  • 27 Crystalline Cyst Dust

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