Claim Genshin Impact 4.4 Maintenance Compensation NOW!

A screenshot of Xianyun from "Version 4.4 "Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze" Trailer | Genshin Impact" YouTube video.
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As a token of appreciation for Travelers' patience during server maintenance downtime for Genshin Impact Version 4.4, HoYoverse has delivered a hefty amount of maintenance compensation!

This upcoming update not only promises the eagerly awaited return of the Lantern Rite Festival but will also unveil a map expansion for Liyue, bring forth a host of other exciting events, and introduce two new characters to the ever-expanding roster. Be sure to claim the 600 Primogem compensation to pull for your future party members!

Genshin Impact 4.4 update maintenance compensation

As per tradition, to thank players for their patience during the server maintenance downtime and as an apology for some now-resolved gameplay issues, HoYoverse has provided generous maintenance compensation!

Following the completion of the five-hour maintenance window starting from 10 PM to 3 AM (GMT) on 31 January, players can expect to receive 600 Primogems as a reward. To claim your Primogems, simply log into Genshin Impact after downloading the 4.4 update.

A screenshot of Xianyun from the Genshin Impact 4.4 trailer.
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Credit: HoYoverse

However, there are a couple of important caveats to note. Firstly, to be eligible for the compensation, players must have reached Adventure Rank 5. Additionally, the rewards will be available through the in-game mail system but must be redeemed before the end of Version 4.4 as the mail carrying the Primogems will expire after 30 days. So make sure to collect your compensation on time!

Version 4.4 highlights

This upcoming update not only promises the eagerly awaited return of the Lantern Rite Festival but will also introduce two new characters to the ever-expanding roster, unveil a map expansion for Liyue, and bring forth a host of other exciting events!

Exciting information has been revealed in the 4.4 Livestream, providing a sneak peek into the characters and rewards that players can eagerly anticipate. With that said, here's an overview of Genshin Impact 4.4:

  • Phase 1 Banners: (5-stars) Xianyun and Nahida, (4-stars) Faruzan, Noelle, and Gaming
    • 31 January - 20 February
  • Phase 2 Banners: (5-stars) Raiden Shogun and Yoimiya, (4-star) Chevreuse
    • 20 February - 13 March
  • New 5-star sword: Crane's Echoing Call (Xianyun's signature weapon)
  • Story Quest
    • Xianyun Story Quest (Grus Serena Chapter: Act 1)
  • Map expansion
    • Chenyu Vale, an "idyllic earthly paradise" that connects Liyue with Fontaine
  • 4.4 flagship event: "Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze"
    • This year's Lantern Rite Festival is themed around kites and hope. There will be four mini-game challenges that players can enjoy:
      • Paper Shadows A-Foraging: Guide the adorable Guoba and Yuegui in this novel tabletop game to collect ingredients and make delicious Liyue-style dishes
      • Joyful Beasts and Their Auspices: Embark on this co-op challenge inspired by the Wushou Dance, featuring three stages:
        • Collect as many Lucky Teabricks as you can
        • Fight for control over platforms
        • Stay in a dedicated safe zone for as long as possible
      • Iridescent Cloud-Striding: A traversal challenge where players are tasked to collect Jade Lotus Lanterns while soaring through a night sky full of fireworks
  • Other 4.4 events
    • Receiver of Friends From Afar: Introduce Liyue cuisine to familiar faces as players assist the head chef of the Wangmin restaurant in preparing authentic Liyue-style dishes
    • Journey Through Hilinigmatic Terrain: Infiltrate Hilichurl camps by attaching yourself to enemies and investigate disruptive Mysterious Statues
    • Triumphant Frenzy: Participate in a combat challenge featuring four rounds of battle per stage; within each battle round, players can strategically select two or four Trial Characters from a variety of options to join their lineup
  • 4.4 QoL updates
    • Fast Equip Artifacts
    • Quicker enhancement process
A screenshot of Chenyu Vale in the Genshin Impact 4.4 Livestream.
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Credit: HoYoverse

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