Will Amara Diouf be in EA FC 24?



The new title of EA FC 24 is right around the corner and fans cannot contain their excitement for much longer. With new players, updated ratings, and a load of new features - EA FC 24 will be one of the best authentic gaming experiences yet!

With loads of speculation at the moment surrounding EA FC 24 ratings, there are many leaks on which cards are the best or the most OP! We even have a list on all the FC 24 5-star skillers!

One wonderkid that has broke records recently is Senegalese 15-year-old wonderkid Amara Diouf and fans want to know, will he be in FC 24?

Who is Amara Diouf?

15-year-old Amara Diouf made his senior debut for the national team, against Rwanda becoming the youngest player ever to represent Senegal. Diouf, who honed his skills at the renowned Generation Foot academy alongside Sadio Mané, showcased his extraordinary talent on the field, leaving fans excited about his future contributions to the national squad.

This remarkable achievement underscores the academy's ability to nurture exceptional talent such as Mane and now Diouf, and it serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring young footballers in Senegal and beyond. As Senegal continues to make waves in international football, Amara Diouf's journey promises to be one to watch closely, as he embarks on what could become a legendary career.

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Will Diouf be in EA FC 24?

Amara Diouf will not be in EA FC 24 as he was born on 7 June 2008 and is still only 15 years old, so he is too young to be added into EA FC 24, or even Football Manager!

To be added to EA FC you must be 17 years old, meaning the likes of Lamine Yamal will have to wait until 2024 before he can be added into the game.

What rating would Amara Diouf be?

Although he is Senegal's youngest ever player, he is still only 15 years old playing academy football meaning his rating may be lower than expected.

We would predict that his rating is around the 60 mark at the moment, however, if he continues to progress this season and makes more appearances for Senegal he could be much higher by the time he is added to EA FC.

What potential would Amara Diouf have?

Amara Diouf has been tipped to be one of the biggest wonderkids in the world meaning his potential could reflect on this.

We would predict that his potential would be 87 potential when he is added to EA FC.

It is worth noting that he will not be added until EA FC 25 at the earliest meaning, a lot may change by then!

New features in EA FC 24 Career Mode such as Coaches and training will help players develop even faster!

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