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EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC

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EA Sports FC is just around the corner and official information is not far away.

As it is in the world of football, the summer also ignites the gaming world into rumours and leaks.

With official information for EA Sports FC arriving in July, it's no great surprise to see many different outlets begin to share their own sources of information.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a leak that looks to have confirmed the EA Sports FC release date.

EA Sports FC Release Date Rumour

French outlet Dealabs has reportedly received information regarding the official release date for EA Sports FC.

The report claims that, according to their information, the release date for EA FC has been set as September 29, 2023.

The report goes on to say that a 10-hour EA play trial will once again be live.

EA Sports FC logo
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NEW GAME SAME TIME - EA Sports FC is expected to release in September

Of course, it's worth taking this report with a pinch of salt as nothing has yet been confirmed by EA themselves.

In our release date predictions, this was the date we earmarked as a potential launching point, following the same release pattern seen for FIFA 23 and most other FIFA releases.

One since debunked leak suggested the game would be released earlier than ever, but this date reported by Dealabs looks to be far more accurate.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but you can stay on top of all of the release date news by clicking here.

Further EA Sports FC Leaks

It isn't just release date leaks that are spilling out for EA Sports FC, with new information regarding the beta, and gameplay, dropping in recent days.

In a recent EA Sports FC presentation, new information was showcased for the game, and leakers managed to get their hands on some screenshots from the event.

Showcased by @FUTZONEFIFA on Twitter, these blurred images give some insight as to what new features are set to arrive in the game.

EA Sports FC leaked screenshot possession
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FIRST LOOK - We finally have the chance to see what EA Sports FC is all about

As you can see, the above image showcases possession stats in-game, something we've not seen before in previous games.

Another screenshot appears to show Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid walking out of the tunnel, perhaps as a cinematic intro to a game, or even the main menu screen.

EA Sports FC leaked images teams walking out of the tunnel
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FRESH START - New EA Sports FC images have leaked

The other leaked image showcases HyperMotion V, a brand new piece of tech that is set to introduce a host of new animation features to EA Sports FC. Click here to find out more about that.

Click here to discover everything we know so far about EA Sports FC.

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