Minecraft Update 1.17: What could Mojang add next? Release date, MineCon, End update, cave update, & more

When could the next update arrive? And what will it add to everyone’s favourite sandbox game?

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Minecraft fans are still adventuring in the Nether after update 1.16 added a huge amount of content to the game.

What could be coming next in update 1.17?

Update 1.17 release date

There is no release date currently set for 1.17.

Given how long it was between the announcement of the Nether update and it’s release, Minecraft players could be waiting a while for the next big update to the game.

It’s likely that the next big update won’t arrive until 2021.

MineCon 2020

Most of the big content updates get announced at MineCon.

Initially planned as Minecraft Festival for late September 2020, COVID-19 has of course played havoc with Mojang’s plans.

minecraft minecon
HEY NEIGHBOUR: What will Mojang have in store for us this year?

While the in-person event has been cancelled, the Minecraft Live stream will still go ahead.

We’ve also seen plenty of streamed events since this year. EA Play and both Sony & Microsoft took to the internet to show off upcoming games & consoles.

It’s perfectly possible that Mojang puts together a big stream to annouce what will be in update 1.17.

Update 1.17 content

Which raises the question of what they could possibly do to top the Nether update.

There has been plenty of fan speculation about what Minecraft could do next to improve the gameplay and keep the world fresh for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the leading theories.

End update

Like the Nether, the End has been in need of an update for a while.

ender dragon 1
IT’S LONELY AT THE TOP: We need more of a reason to visit The End

Few players really go and interact with the End more than once. Maybe they’ll try and slay the End Dragon just to say they’ve done it, but after that there isn’t much reason to go exploring.

Adding more to the End City and perhaps more to the world of Endermen could induce players to invest more time getting there and spend more time in the End.

Cave update

Exploring the depths of the Overworld is already a thrill. With skeletons, zombies, and creepers waiting for you, digging for minerals in caves can be a tricky business.

However, it has been the same experience for a long time now. Adding news mobs, fresh ores, and stone would entice players to dig deep and explore more.

Some mods like Galacticraft add ores like copper & tin that allow you to make steel – while we don’t want to go to the moon in Minecraft, having a steel long sword would be pretty cool!

It could maybe add an underground version of Villagers too. There are so many avenues here that Mojang could take.

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