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04 Oct 2020

Minecraft Update 1.17 Release Date: Caves & Cliffs Update launch date, when does new patch land on Minecraft Java & Bedrock?

Finally confirmed by Mojang at Minecraft Live, the 1.17 Update will be a Caves & Cliffs Update!!

Now we know what the next big addition to the game will be, we have to ask, when will it come out???

Caves & Cliffs Update release date

Update 1.17 may be confirmed, but we don't have a release date yet.

Given how long it was between announcement and release for the Nether Update, fans shouldn't expect to go exploring in the new caves any time soon.

Summer 2021 is the quoted window from Mojang right now, but that could vary with the covid-19 impact over the winter.

Will release be the same in Java & Bedrock?

It should be! The Nether Update was rolled out across both versions of Minecraft at the same time.

That will continue for the Caves & Cliffs Update. So regardless of if you play on PC, Switch, or Xbox you will get it at the same time.

Update 1.17 content

So we know that caves and cliffs are the focus of the update, but what does that actually mean?

Firstly it means new biomes! There will be a few new places to explore, including Lush Caves.

minecraft lush caves

UNDERGROUND GREENERY: New plants and blocks are coming to the caves

Along with new biomes, the promise of added strategy to mining should make your diamond searches more interesting.

There is also a terrifying new mob called the Warden who lives in the deep dark and can sense your movements!

minecraft the warden

GET OUT: Don't disturb The Warden's home!

There are also new blocks coming to Minecraft, along with added biodiversity like a new tree, plants, and even some not-so-blocky blocks!

You can see all of the upcoming content here.

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