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Minecraft Cliffs & Caves Update - Archaeology: New brush tool, hidden treasure, Update 1.17, and more!

Mojang announced a host of new Minecraft gameplay features at Minecraft Live.

From new blocks to new mobs, the Cliffs & Caves Update also brings a new dimension to exploring your Minecraft world: Archaeology.

Let’s jump into the new gameplay feature and explain what we know so far!

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Archaeology and where to do it

The new element of Minecraft gameplay will add an exciting option for intrepid explorers, enabling the possibility of even finding diamond blocks for a lucky few.

These ‘Archaeology Areas’ are spread around your new world, with other potential finds including emerald blocks, or so the trailer shows.

Commonly, players will unearth shards of pots, which you will find in just the same way as the diamond and emerald blocks.

Minecraft Archaeology 1 17 pots
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BURN BABY BURN: Add shards to your pottery for a custom look

You can then use these shards, called Ceramic Shards, to customize or construct new pots.


New tools

With the inclusion of new features in the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update comes the need for new tools!

In the case of archaeology, this means a new brush tool.

Minecraft Archaeology 1 17
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NEW TOOLS: The new brush won't be for your teeth!

Players use this to delicately brush away dirt and gravel blocks to reveal what is inside.


What does it add to Minecraft

We are sure that the Minecraft audience will be as imaginative as always and come up with exciting ways to integrate archaeology into the lore.

Is the pottery from your world the remnants from an ancient civilisation? Or are the emerald blocks you find treasures marked out by a pirate map?

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No matter which way you look at it, the addition of archaeology adds countless story-telling possibilities to the game!

Minecraft 1.17 Update release

Mojang has confirmed that they have scheduled the Cliffs & Caves Update for a Summer 2021 release.

This allows the team plenty of time to work around COVID-19 restrictions and get the update in our games as soon as possible.

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