Minecraft Caves & Cliffs New Blocks: Full List, Features & More

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Minecraft is filled with all kinds of blocks and the latest update adds even more to it. Caves & Cliffs adds so much to keep an eye on.

Here are all the blocks you can find after the 1.17 update and what we know about them.

All New Blocks in Minecraft Caves & Cliffs

For ease of use, anything in bold is new to Caves & Cliffs and should have a link for more information. Here's every new block in the next update.

  • Amethyst buds - what happens as amethyst grows. This is what it starts as. It then goes on to become an Amethyst cluster, which can be mined for amethyst shards. This can be combined to make a block of amethyst. The budding amethyst is currently unobtainable in survival mode.
  • Tinted Glass - can be gained through the crafting of amethyst shards and glass. It blocks out light to an area.
  • Azalea - a pretty, decorative block that grows on top of Moss. You can then find Azalea Leaves on the new azalea tree. Moss Carpets look like moss but they're much smaller
  • Rooted Dirt - a decorative dirt block you can find.
  • Smooth Basalt - another decorative block earned by smelting basalt.
  • Big dripleaf - a new plant that grows in caves that can be climbed and used as a platform. You can also find a Small Dripleaf.
  • Cave Vines also grow in caves and can produce Glow Berries.
  • Spore Blossom - a small decorative plant that rains down spores from the ceiling.
  • Calcite - a new form of white mineral that is currently only decorative.
  • Deepslate - a new type of stone found below 0Y that can be mined without silk touch to get Cobbled Deepslate.
  • Copper Block - made by combining Copper, made from Copper Ore.
  • Dripstone Blocks - a type of rock that allows Pointed Dripstone to grow.
  • Hanging Roots - decorative blocks that can be put under blocks.
  • Glow Lichen - very small and covers a block, whilst emitting light.
  • Candles - a new form of light that can be crafted with string and honeycomb. You can also dye them with any dye.
  • Lightning Rod - used to conduct lightning strikes.
  • Powder Snow - a block that can be used as a trap, as enemies and friends fall through it.
  • Sculk Sensor - can also be used as a trap. It picks up vibrations and emits Redstone as a result. It does not become active when sneaking.
  • Tuff - a decorative rock that can be found if you dig deep down.

1.17 Update Caves & Cliffs Release Date

Caves & Cliffs will arrive in Minecraft on June 8, following the release of a few pre-release updates.

You can check out everything we know about the update here.

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