Minecraft Caves & Cliffs New Mobs: Full List, Features & More

Caves & Cliffs is the latest update to come to Minecraft and it is bound to be huge, With a confirmed release date, we have less than a week to get ready for the official launch.

Mobs are some of the most interesting things in Minecraft and, luckily, we have three new mobs to investigate. Here's what we know.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs New Mobs


The axolotl is one of two water creatures coming to Minecraft soon. You can find them in lush biomes and can be caught in a bucket like fish. They try to kill fish, squids, drowned and guardians.

They are great fighters and play dead when close to death, where they quickly regenerate their health back again. You can find different varieties with different colours having the rarest axolotl spawn at a 1 in 1200 chance.

Glow Squid

Glow squids are an interesting take on the standard squid, giving a certain mysticism to the sea.

They glow up in the sea and can be spotted from a distance. They drop glow ink sacs when killed which can be crafted to make glow ink frames, a new way of framing items. You can find them deep in the ocean or in underwater caves.


The final mob to be added to the game are goats and can be found in mountain biomes. They can jump up to 5 blocks tall and will attack nearby enemies and players. You can use their charged hit to fly with the elytra or to hit enemies off cliffs.

While they don't drop anything on death, you can get a goat horn by getting them to ram into a block. They won't fall through Powdered Snow and can be bred to get a baby goat with some wheat. Finally, you have a very small chance of finding a screaming goat, that comes with unique sounds.

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