Minecraft: How to carve a pumpkin - Iron Golem, jack o'lanterns, masks, endermen & more

There are plenty of seemingly insignificant items in Minecraft that are quietly crucial to your world.

One of those is the humble pumpkin.

Don't believe us? Keep reading to see why!

Finding pumpkins

These blocks are surprisingly rare. They appear most commonly in extreme hill biomes and plain biomes, though they can also be found in swamp biomes.

minecraft pumpkin
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PUMPKIN: They're hard to find but highly useful

You can find pumpkin seeds in villages, mineshafts, dungeons, and woodland mansions to grow your own.

How to carve a pumpkin

Pumpkins are fairly useless until you carve them. Then they become one of the most useful blocks around.

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To carve a pumpkin simply use sheers on a pumpkin block that is on the ground. You can then mine the pumpkin to add it to your inventory.

Why are carved pumpkins useful?

Carved pumpkins are required to create both the Iron Golem and Snow Golem in Minecraft.

They can also be turned into Jack o'Lanterns for some more seasonal lighting.

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CAN'T SEE ME: Endermen will ignore you if you've got a pumpkin on

Perhaps the most useful aspect of a carved pumpkin though is that it can be equipped as armour. While it adds no armour value and does obscure your vision slightly, it also means looking at an Enderman won't turn the mob hostile. This is crucial if you are heading to The End to slay the Ender Dragon.

So if you don't already have a pumpkin farm on a few in your chest, then go find some!

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