Minecraft Axolotl: Where to find them, how to tame, Caves & Cliffs & more

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Minecraft Caves & Cliffs has made the game so much bigger over the last year. With new mobs, blocks and more, there's so much to pay attention to. If you're looking for the latest information on Minecraft Axolotls, this is what you should know.

Updated - Minecraft 1.18 live soon

After months of teases and small updates, Minecraft Caves and Cliffs part two is out next Tuesday on November 30th.

Although Axolotls haven't changed, caves have. You may have to get used to everything.


The cute little Mexican salamanders have arrived in Minecraft!

As the first amphibian in the game, the Axolotl will be a must-find mob for players.

minecraft axolotl
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But what do these critters do? And where can you find them?

Where to find Axolotls

You won't find these new mobs swimming around just anywhere.

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Axolotls will only appear in the pools inside Lush Caves. To find a Lush Cave you will need to look for the new Azalea tree on the surface.

How to tame Axolotls

These new mobs are tameable, and you can take them with you on any aquatic adventure.

To tame you simply need to catch them in a bucket! Then they will be happy to swim along with you next time you go into water.

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Axolotls will act a lot like aquatic dogs and attack hostile mobs on your behalf. They'll fend off Drowned, Guardians, and even attack fish.

When taking damage they will play dead and activate regeneration powers, but that doesn't make them immortal so be careful!

What do Axolotls eat and How to Breed Them

Axolotls eat buckets of tropical fish and can also be bred with them. Simply give them to an adult axolotl and a new baby will spawn beside them.

To get a bucket of tropical fish, make a bucket with 3 iron and scoop up water on top of the fish to put it in the bucket. Give it to the axolotl and you are sorted.

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