Minecraft Account: Java Edition to require Microsoft account

Mojang has announced that they will be moving Minecraft's Java Edition away from requiring Mojang accounts to play.

Instead, Java Edition will join the rest of Minecraft in needing a Microsoft account in order to play.

Minecraft account migration

The news will be a frustration to many who like the old system and are familiar with the way things have been for nearly a decade.

However, Mojang insists that this move will make Minecraft Java Edition more secure and safer for young players.

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SCRAM: You'll have to switch if you want to keep playing

It will allow two-factor authentication, as well as more parental control and better chat and invitation features.

Players will still be able to mod the game to their heart’s content, and enjoy the PvP gameplay. Gamers will get a free in-game cape as a tiny gesture of goodwill.

Migrate Mojang account to Microsoft

The account migration is mandatory, and anyone that does not migrate will be unable to log into the game once transition is completed.

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Mojang is handling the move in batches and will be sending out emails to players with instructions on how to migrate. So be sure you still have access to your Mojang-registered email address!

Once migrated, you’ll no longer be able to use the old login details, and you’ll get that cape.

Minecraft Update 1.17 - Caves & Cliffs

All of this will be done before the highly anticipated Caves & Cliffs Update that is coming in Summer 2021.

minecraft the warden 2
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HERE COMES TROUBLE: The Warden awaits in the new deep dark caves!

New underground biomes, mobs, and tools are coming to the game along with renovations to familiar landscapes.

It's set to be a huge improvement to the Overworld!

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