Minecraft Caves and Cliffs 1.17 Update: Bundles, what they can hold, and more!

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Minecraft players have long searched for ways to make transporting their often-overflowing inventories a bit easier.

With the latest 1.17 Update, Mojang has ended that search with a new item known as ‘Bundles’.


Let’s take a look at the item, and what it can do to help you in-game!

What is a bundle?

A bundle is a new item similar to a chest.

Minecraft 1 17 bundles

UP YOUR CARRYING GAME: bundles help players to carry more than ever before!

When picked up, the bundle appears in the player’s inventory similar to any other item in the game.

Once in a player’s inventory, the bundle is then used to hold 64 blocks, or a stack, of items.

How to move items in a bundle

You can add items to a bundle by simply dragging them over to the bundle.


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Likewise, items can be removed form the bundle by right-clicking, or by simply dragging them away from the bundle.

So why is a bundle special?

A bundle is unique because it can hold 64 blocks of mixed materials.

Minecraft 1 17 bundles mixed

MIX IT UP: Bundles can hold a variety of blocks and items

As shown in the Minecraft Live event, players can place a mixture of blocks totalling 64 into the bundle, freeing up inventory space for other items!

TIP: Stack sizes carry over regardless of the material, for example, a half stack of ender pearls is 8 (occupying half the space in a bundle). A half stack of dirt will still be 32 blocks!

This enables a player to carry far more, as awkward half stacks (and smaller) will no longer occupy an unnecessary space in your inventory.


1.17 Update release date

Mojang confirmed a release window for the update of Summer 2021 during the Minecraft Live event.

Given the successful release of the Nether Update last year, we are sure the update will be available on time.

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