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08 Oct 2020

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update: New blocks, what are they, where to find them & more

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update: New blocks, what are they, where to find them & more

With so many exciting additions to the game in, let's take a look at what new items there will be to use!

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1.17 Update release date

Mojang has finally annouced the content of the 1.17 Update.

Officially called the Caves & Cliffs Update, Minecraft's Overworld will be getting a whole host of new things to do and places to explore! They will also be introducing a lot of new blocks.

These blocks include Copper, Sculk Sensors, Dripleaf Plants, and a host of other cool blocks.


Copper will be the newest ore addition to the game, similar to previous ores such as gold or iron.

This new ore will come with a host of new blocks, which for the first time feature a natural aging component.

When left outside for too long, the copper will deteriorate form a bright orange to a blue-green colour.

Sculk Sensors

These new blocks tie-in closely with the new The Deep Dark biome.

1 17 Sculk Sensor

WATCH YOUR STEP: Sculk Sensors use vibrations to alert mobs in the deep...

Found around this new terrifying biome, Sculk Sensors are effectively Minecraft Bluetooth, sending signals to each other. These signals are only sent when vibrations are felt nearby.

The Sculk Sensors also alert the latest mob, the Warden, to your presence!

Dripleaf Plants

Dripleaf plants are a parkour player’s best, and worst, friend.

With the leaves firm enough to stand on for only a short amount of time, make sure to keep moving when jumping on Dripleaf Plants!

Amethyst Geodes

The purple mineral makes its exciting entrance in Minecraft in 1.17.

1 17 amethyst minecraft

CRYSTALS GALORE: Listen out for a chiming noise when exploring

Amethyst geodes will be found in areas under the surface of your world, and when mined will drop shards which can be used in the making of telescopes.


Deserving of its own section, archaeology will be coming to Minecraft in the Cliffs & Caves Update.

This will enable players to find artefacts within the ground, including existing blocks and new ‘shards’, which you can use to make new pottery.

Keep your eyes peeled for more archaeology content soon!

1.17 Update release date

Mojang has revealed a release date of Summer 2021 for the latest Cliffs & Caves Update.

We are sure Mojang will meet this release date, as with the previous Nether Update for Minecraft.