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08 Oct 2020

Minecraft Cliffs and Caves Update: New Amethyst Crystals, Where to Find Them, What they are, and more!

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Where to find them

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What can I do with them?

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Caves & Cliffs Update release date

Minecraft Live was an exciting event for all Minecraft lovers, with the announcement of the 1.17 Update!

This will see the addition of an array of new features, blocks, and mobs for players to get their hands on.

Let’s dive into one of these new features now, Amethyst Crystal and Amethyst Geodes!

Where to find them

You can find Amethyst Crystals underground in a small cave like structure know as Amethyst Geodes. The Amethyst Crystals grow on top of the blocks also know as Amethyst Geodes.

1 17 amethyst minecraft

MY PRECIOUS: Crystals are found on top of Amethyst Geodes

These Amethyst Geodes are given away by a twinkle-like sound when you are near them, adding to the ethereal nature of the cave.

Once found, the Amethyst Geode, which contains amethyst geode blocks and amethyst crystals, can be explored and mined (or at least, the crystals can).

What can I do with them?

Amethyst Crystals are used to create the new telescope item in Minecraft.

A player will need two copper ingots and Amethyst Crystal shards to make the telescope.

Minecraft 1 17 amethyst and warden

NEW ADDITIONS: Amethyst joins the ranks of the Warden as new features in 1.17

TRIVIA: Amethyst Geodes will be unobtainable AND extremely rare in Minecraft Survival.

Caves & Cliffs Update release date

So, when will you be able to go out on the hunt for your own Amethyst Crystals? It’s looking like it may be a while.

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Mojang has confirmed a release date of Summer 2021 for the new 1.17 Update.

Despite this, there is still potential for COVID to interfere with this window. However, after the Nether Update’s successful release, we’re confident Mojang will make the mid-2021 release.

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