Minecraft Amethyst Crystals - Where to Find Them, What they are, and more!

Minecraft has gotten so much bigger this year with the two Caves and Cliffs update. In this, we saw new mobs, blocks and so much more.

If Amethyst is what you're after, this is what you should know.

Latest - 1.18 is live soon

We are now mere days away from the launch of Caves and Cliffs Part Two. You can finally play it for yourself on November 30th.

Although Amethyst will work in the same way, the way that caves generate will be different. For this reason, you will need to shake up the way you to explore the world itself.

They now go deeper and generate in two distinct layers. You can also find biomes like dripstone caves and lush caves if you look around for them. It may take you a while to get used to.

Where to find them

You can find Amethyst Crystals underground in a small cave-like structure known as Amethyst Geodes. The Amethyst Crystals grow on top of the blocks also known as Amethyst Geodes. You can only find them up to Y=30

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These Amethyst Geodes are given away by a twinkle-like sound when you are near them, adding to the ethereal nature of the cave.

Once found, the Amethyst Geode, which contains amethyst geode blocks and amethyst crystals, can be explored and mined (or at least, the crystals can).

What can I do with them?

Amethyst Crystals are used to create the new telescope item called a Spyglass in Minecraft.

A player will need two copper ingots and Amethyst Crystal shards to make it. This can be used like a zoom function, allowing you to see very far away. It's function is mostly cosmetic right now but teams fighting each other could get some use out of it when protecting their base.

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Amethysts can also be used to make tinted glass, a great way of protecting an area from light or making your room look particularly cool. Amethyst is mostly decorative at this stage but that could change significantly as Minecraft continues to grow.

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