Genshin Impact Crimson Moon's Semblance Weapon Guide

An image of the Crimson Moon's Semblance.
Credit: HoYo Labs, miHoYo

An image of the Crimson Moon's Semblance.
Credit: HoYo Labs, miHoYo

With the Genshin Impact 4.6 update, players are looking to pull for the new Pyro character, Arlecchino, and her unique weapon, the Crimson Moon's Semblance. This is a 5-star weapon which is a polearm that can be obtained by users in-game through its gacha system.

As a keen-edged weapon, the Crimson Moon's Semblance weapon grants a Bond of Life when a charged attack hits an opponent. This makes this an ideal weapon for high-base and crit-rate attacks.

Let's learn more about the Crimson Moon's Semblance weapon, including its materials, how to get it, and the best characters for it.

Genshin Impact Crimson Moon's Semblance release date

Players can catch the 5-star Crimson Moon's Semblace on April 24, 2024. It will be released alongside Arlecchino, a new playable character for Genshin Impact who's known to wield this weapon.

An image of the Crimson Moon's Semblance.
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Credit: HoYo Labs, miHoYo

The Crimson Moon's Semblance is only available through the game's limited banners which specifically will be on the Epitome Invocation weapon banner as soon as the new Genshin Impact update goes live.

Crimson Moon's Semblance stats and skill

  • Type: Polearm
  • Rarity: 5-stars
  • Base attack: 47.54
  • Bonus Effect: Crit Rate + 4.8%
  • Skil: Ashen Sun's Shadow
  • Description: A keen-edged weapon, luster dazzling as the crimson moon. It is said that an ancient dynasty once regarded it as a ritual object that could bridge two worlds, but none still remember the beliefs and ceremonies of that bygone age.

Ashen Sun's Shadow

The Ashen Sun's Shadow grants a Bond of Life of 25% of maximum HP when a charged attack hits an opponent. This only happens once every 14 seconds. Furthermore, when the character has a Bond of Life, they also gain a 12% damage bonus. Additionally, if the Bond of Life value is equal to or greater than 30% of the maximum HP, then there's a 24% damage bonus granted to the character.

Stat details

Level 1

  • Base ATK: 47.54
  • CRIT Rate: 4.8%

Level 20

  • Base ATK: 133.29
  • CRIT Rate: 8.48%

Level 40

  • Base ATK: 260.56
  • CRIT Rate: 12.36%

Level 50

  • Base ATK: 341.43
  • CRIT Rate: 14.3%

Level 60

  • Base ATK: 423.4
  • CRIT Rate: 16.24%

Level 70

  • Base ATK: 506.22
  • CRIT Rate: 18.17%

Level 80

  • Base ATK: 589.86
  • CRIT Rate: 20.11%

Level 90

  • Base ATK: 674.33
  • CRIT Rate: 22.05%
A screenshot of Genshin Impact Arlecchino from her character teaser.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Crimson Moon's Semblance Ascencion materials

If you want to fully ascend the Crimson Moon's Semblance, you can check out this list of materials needed to fully ascend the weapon:

  • Mora x225k
  • Still-Smoldering Hilt x41
  • Artificed Dynamic Gear x27
  • Splintered Hilt x27
  • Mechanical Spur Gear x23
  • Ruined Hilt x23
  • Meshing Gear x15
  • Wine Goblet of the Pristine Sea x14
  • Silver Goblet of the Pristine Sea x14
  • Golden Goblet of the Pristine Sea x6
  • Broken Goblet of the Pristine Sea x5

Best characters for Crimson Moon's Semblance

Make sure to use the Crimson Moon's Semblance wisely with the right characters. Here are some of our recommended characters to use with the Crimson Moon's Semblance in Genshin Impact:

  • Arlecchino - As the Crimson Moon's Semblance is a signature weapon for Arlecchino, ideally she's the best character to use the weapon. In her hands, the weapon can transform into a scythe during charged attacks and be used to its maximum potential. But in the hands of other characters, they won't get this benefit.
  • Rosaria - With Rosaria as a Cryo character, a first impression comes that she may not be compatible with the Crimson Moon's Semblance. However, as a reliable DPS and Support character, she can share the crit rate with the rest of the team through her Elemental Burst ability.

That was everything you need to know about Arlecchino's signature weapon, Crimson Moon's Semblance!

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