Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2021: Top Picks For Football Training And Matches

The best goalkeeper gloves are designed to make saving the top footballs easier, but it can be tricky deciding which gloves are right for you, especially with the varying price points.

Thankfully, we've done some of the research for you and have compiled a list of our top picks based on price, features, and reviews, to help you find the perfect pair

From gloves built for grip, like these uhlsport Supergrip Reflex's, to more lightweight designs, like these PUMA Future Grip 5.1, we've got everything you need right here.

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Best Goalkeeper Gloves


Best Goalkeeper Gloves - Reusch Pure Contact 3 G3 Fusion

Best goalkeeper gloves Reusch product image of a pair of blue and orange gloves
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Image Credit: Reusch

Brand: Reusch | Material: Polyester | Closure: Pull-on and Stap

Reusch's Pure Contact series is a great example of goalkeeper gloves done right, and the G3 Fusion's are at the tip of the mountain in terms of technology and features.


First and foremost, the G3 latex used for the palms has been designed to be exceptionally sticky which is ideal for catching and saving any incoming attempts on goal.

Moreover, Reusch boasts its gloves are extremely lightweight and flexible, meaning they should be both comfortable and secure on your hands whilst providing protection from powerfully hit shots.

On the whole, these gloves take the crown as they are engineered to deliver exceptional grip and control of the ball between your hands as you command the game from between the sticks.

Best Lightweight Goalkeeper Gloves - PUMA Future Grip 5.1

Best goalkeeper gloves PUMA product image of a yellow and pink gloves
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Image Credit: PUMA

Brand: PUMA | Material: Polyester | Closure: Pull-on and Zip

If you're looking for some of the lightest gloves around which are worn by the likes of Jan Oblak then look no further than the PUMA Future Grip 5.1's.


In addition to being light, the Future Grip 5.1's have been designed to be extremely comfortable with their fully-knitted backhand which should fit just like a normal pair of gloves you'd wear in winter.

The materials also help improve the feeling and control between your fingers and the ball which might just be the difference between letting in a goal and making a world-class fingertip save.

As their name suggests, the Future Grip 5.1's move away from your classic goalkeeper glove design to introduce the future with their lightweight and flexible design, ideal for storing in your top gym bag on the way to a big game.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves For Grip - uhlsport Supergrip Reflex

Best goalkeeper gloves uhlsport product image of a single yellow and blue glove
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Image Credit: PUMA

Brand: uhlsport | Material: Rubber | Closure: Pull-on and Strap

Once again, the clues are in the name as the uhlsport Supergrip Reflex's have been designed to offer exceptional levels of grip between your hands and the ball.


Handling is not the only area where these gloves excel though, as uhlsport utilise embossed foam fingers which should help you produce a huge punch to clear the ball, all whilst keeping your hands and fingers safe and injury-free.

uhlsport boasts this bit of kit comes with their 3D Shockzone technology which has been engineered to dampen the impact from the ball on your palm which, again, will likely help keep your hands free from injury.

Ultimately, these gloves are a great option for anyone searching for some of the grippiest goalkeeper gloves on the market.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves For All Weather Conditions - Nike Vapor Grip3

Best goalkeeper gloves Nike product image of a pair of pure black gloves
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Image Credit: Nike

Brand: Nike | Material: Unspecified | Closure: Pull-on and Strap

Although you may associate the classic Nike tick with some of the best football boots for artificial pitches, its Vapor Grip3's incorporate Nike's years of experience and are therefore a great option for anyone who plays in net.


The Grip3 technology has been designed to give you fantastic grip even during the dampest and darkest playing conditions which help make these gloves ideal for all types of weather.

Moreover, Nike boasts these gloves come with 4mm of Contact+ foam which should absorb the impact of even the most powerful of strikes and therefore will likely help you make incredible saves.

All in all, if you're a fan of Nike and want a pair of excellent goalkeeper gloves for your Sunday League fixtures or as a top bit of kit for football training, then the Vapor Grip3's are definitely a contender.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves On A Budget - PUMA One Grip 1 Hybrid Pro

Best goalkeeper gloves PUMA product image of a single yellow and black glove with white grip on the palm
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Image Credit: PUMA

Brand: PUMA | Material: Polyester | Closure: Pull-on and Strap

Although on the surface these may look like a premium bit of kit, the One Grip 1 series are relatively inexpensive gloves, and the Hybrid Pro's offer some of the best value for money out there.


These gloves come with Ultimate Grip Latex technology on the palms which should help you stop any incoming shot and then subsequently hold on to it so you regain possession for your team.

Moreover, the embossed padded backhand will help keep your hands protected as well as offer you the best possible chance at delivering strong punched clearances, ideal for those who like to stay in command of their area.

You may have seen one of the best keepers of all time in Gianluigi Buffon wearing these gloves on your top TV for sports games so, if he's one of your idols, then these Hybrid Pro's may be for you

Frequently Asked Questions About Goalkeeper Gloves

If you play in goal, you probably have a few questions about the gloves you wear, but don't worry because we're here to clear up some of the most common queries.

What Size Gloves Should I Get?

This all depends on how big your hands are but in very simple terms, the smaller your hands are the smaller the number you need.


It may be worth measuring your hand before making a purchase, taking measurements of your palm width and palm length for example, as these can typically be used to compare against a size guide to determine what size gloves you need.

Generally speaking though, as an adult, you'll probably want to choose a size between 8 and 11 as these are some of the biggest sizes available, with 7 and under being designed primarily for younger players.

How Do I Clean My Goalkeeper Gloves?

Due to the material they're typically made out of, goalkeeper gloves can quickly become quite sweaty over the course of a game and therefore need to be washed regularly.

It is recommended that you wash your gloves immediately after a game and leave them to dry naturally, usually around a day, in order to avoid cracking in the materials.

In terms of actually washing them, you'll want to soak the gloves in warm water from your tap and apply pressure with your fingers and thumbs to remove some of the dirt.

How Long Do Goalkeeper Gloves Last?


It is no secret that goalkeeper gloves take a lot of punishment throughout a season and therefore inevitably succumb to a bit of wear and tear.

Over the course of a season, you may go through anywhere between 2-5 pairs of gloves depending on the volume of training/matches, the surfaces you play on, and how well you take care of your gloves when they're not in use.

With that being said, you can make your matchday gloves last a little longer by having a pair to use solely for training, therefore helping to keep your match gloves fresh and grippy enough for the big fixtures.

Why Do You Need Goalkeeper Gloves?

The modern keeper will typically wear gloves for a number of reasons.

Firstly, footballs, especially at a professional level, can be struck extremely hard and a keeper will, therefore, require something to provide their hands with protection.

Additionally, a keeper needs to be confident that when they try and catch a football that it stays put and, with goalkeeper gloves, you get added grip in the mitts to help the ball stick to your hand.

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