Best PUMA Football Boots 2024

Someone in a black tracksuit trousers wearing a pair of bright yellow, blue, and pink PUMA-branded football boots.
Credit: PUMA

Someone in a black tracksuit trousers wearing a pair of bright yellow, blue, and pink PUMA-branded football boots.
Credit: PUMA

Searching for the best PUMA football boots might seem like a daunting task, but it's a crucial step in elevating your performance on the field. Quality football boots can significantly enhance your gameplay by providing superior ball control, minimising mishandled touches, and boosting the power and precision of your shots.

The good news is, you don't have to navigate this journey alone. We're here to guide you in selecting the best football boots from PUMA that will take your game to new heights. When it comes to gaining an edge on the pitch, nothing beats having the finest football boots at your disposal.

Our list includes options that cater to various playing styles and positions. Whether you're looking to improve your speed off the mark or enhance your shot power, our selection has you covered. That said, these boots can realistically be worn in any role. However, the likes of the PUMA Future Ultimate, for example, or the PUMA King stand out for certain positions due to unique attributes like 3D contact zones for control and leather uppers for improved durability in a tackle.

No matter what you're seeking in a pair of PUMA boots though, our list is your starting point for finding the perfect fit. Let's dive right into our selection and help you kick off your search on the right foot.

Best PUMA football boots

  1. PUMA King Top - a top choice for most positions on the pitch
  2. PUMA Future Ultimate - best PUMA boots for strikers
  3. PUMA Future Match - a great option for midfielders
  4. PUMA King Ultimate - top pick for defenders
  5. PUMA Ultra Ultimate - an excellent choice for speedy wingers
PUMA King Top product image of a black and white PUMA boot featuring gold branding.
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Credit: PUMA

1. PUMA King Top

Best PUMA football boots overall

Material: K leather
Fit: Regular
Studs: FG

The PUMA King Top stands out as an exceptionally versatile option for those seeking PUMA boots, offering a combination of an inexpensive price and a high-quality build.

Crafted with a super-soft kangaroo leather upper, the PUMA King Tops deliver an unmatched sensation when interacting with the ball. To enhance touch and responsiveness, PUMA has integrated a streamlined rib structure into key contact points of the leather upper, ensuring a superior playing experience on the field.

Irrespective of your playing position, whether you're a defender, midfielder, or striker, precise ball control is paramount. The PUMA King Tops excel in this regard too, facilitating effortless ball trapping and swift passing to maintain your team's momentum.

What sets these boots apart even further is their impressive lightweight design, attributed to the TPU outsole. This ensures exceptional freedom of movement, providing reliable support for both standing and running. Additionally, features such as the fold-over tongue and conical stud layout contribute to overall comfort and grip, making them an ideal choice for players seeking to avoid blisters and discomfort during extended play sessions.

PUMA Future Ultimate product image of a green boot with blue and green details and a knitted collar.
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Credit: PUMA

2. PUMA Future Ultimate

Best PUMA football boots for strikers

Material: FUZIONFIT360
Fit: Regular to wide
Studs: FG & AG

Next up, we have the PUMA Future Ultimates, designed and inspired by the silky play style of Brazilian talisman Neymar. Even though these boots have been built for one-third of the iconic "MSN" trio, who primarily plays as a left winger or attacking midfielder, they come with several features tailored to a striking role.

One core component of these boots is the mid-cut construction, which combines a secure fit with freedom around the ankle for added agility, thereby helping you to create goal-scoring chances without footwear constraints for the entire 90 minutes of play.

Strikers also need to be mobile enough to move into channels so that they can drag defenders out of position. Fortunately, these boots help facilitate that through stability around the heel and flexibility in the forefoot, as the second-generation dynamic motion system fitted on the outsole provides traction and agility for unpredictable changes of direction.

These boots also have you covered when striking as their engineered 3D textures across key contact zones are designed to enhance ball grip and control for dribbling, passing, and most importantly, finishing. The only downside with these boots is the steep price point, but that in itself is justified due to the sheer level of performance these boots can provide on the pitch.

PUMA Future Match product image of a white boot with black PUMA branding along with a red zig-zagged stripe down the side.
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Credit: PUMA

3. PUMA Future Match

Best PUMA football boots for midfielders

Material: FUZIONFIT360
Fit: Regular to wide
Studs: FG & AG

Midfielders require absolute comfort and precision with the ball at their feet, demanding footwear that seamlessly facilitates swift receptions and agile directional shifts. That's where the PUMA Future Match boots excel.

Crafted with a re-engineered mid-cut design, these boots offer a blend of steadfast support and nimble manoeuvrability, empowering you to orchestrate plays from the heart of the field with ease.

What sets these boots apart for midfield maestros is the innovative FUZIONFIT adaptive compression technology, ensuring a secure fit that enhances explosive movements. Whether you're bursting into the opponent's box or hustling back to intercept, these boots provide the stability you need to excel.

Moreover, the inclusion of PWRTAPE technology reinforces the upper, fortifying durability to withstand the rigours of the season. With these boots, you can trust they'll endure the demands of your pivotal role in the midfield battle.

PUMA King Ultimate product image of a white boot with blue and black details and an orange tongue.
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Credit: PUMA

4. PUMA King Ultimate

Best PUMA football boots for defenders

Material: K-BETTER
Fit: Regular
Studs: FG & AG

As a defender, it's not uncommon to want a safe pair of football boots with no extra frills. We’re talking about footwear that will simply get the job done, especially if you’re filling the role of a more traditional centre-back or fullback tasked with hoofing the ball upfield and away from danger.

The PUMA King Ultimates are an ideal fit here, primarily because of their K-BETTER upper, which promises excellent touch and stretch resistance. For a defender, these boots make it easier to control those aerial balls and make those last-ditch sliding tackles to stop attackers from getting through on goal, without running the risk of damaging them.

Another great element of these boots is the conical stud layout, which allows you to control your movements during quick twists and turns much more precisely. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, they're built sustainably, with uppers composed of 20% recycled material.

The only downside is that these boots don’t offer much of a performance boost beyond better touch control and manoeuvrability, which can be a concern for defensive players looking for a speed advantage on the pitch as well. But, as a no-nonsense option for defensive duties, these make for a very solid option.

PUMA Ultra Ultimate product image of a turquoise boot with light green details and a white and black stripe down the side.
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Credit: PUMA

5. PUMA Ultra Ultimate

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Best PUMA football boots for wingers

Fit: Regular to narrow
Studs: FG & AG

Finally, we come to the PUMA Ultra Ultimate, designed to truly stand out in the world of fast-paced wing action. If you thought you couldn't get any faster on the pitch, these boots are here to prove you wrong by taking speed and acceleration to new heights.

One of the most noteworthy features of these boots is the inclusion of PWRTAPE, a technology inspired by the human foot's anatomy. It offers natural support for rapid changes of pace and direction, ensuring you can manoeuvre swiftly and confidently on the pitch.

The PUMA Ultra Ultimate also boasts a dual-density SPEEDPLATE outsole, drawing inspiration from PUMA's track running spikes. This innovative outsole provides exceptional traction and can propel you off the mark with incredible efficiency.

So, if you're aiming to outpace your opponent with a quick change of speed, these boots are your ideal companion. They are an exceptional choice, particularly tailored for wide midfielders and wingers looking to excel in their game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re new to selecting football boots, then you can rest easy as we’ve answered a few questions that you can use to inform any future purchases. Here goes…

What are the different tiers of PUMA football boots?

PUMA have three different levels for their football boot. The premium range is covered by the "Ultimate" models, whereas "Pro" and "Match" models are the cheaper variations.

The main differences usually have to do with the materials used to make them. For example, a pair of Ultimate boots may be made from genuine leather, but a "Match" model may use a combination of synthetic and, ultimately, cheaper materials instead.

Which is better: PUMA Future or PUMA Ultra?

When it comes to playability, there isn’t much separating these models. The Future range perhaps promises slightly more padding on the knitted upper, which is great for comfort levels but not as good when it comes to performance in certain cases as you lose out on sensitivity when striking the ball. On the flip side, the Ultra boot models have a much thinner upper that facilitates quicker movement on the pitch.

Which type is better ultimately comes down to the type of player you are. If you fit the description of a speedster, then the Ultra models will come in handy, although the Future range is no slouch, and we believe features great boots for strikers, in particular.

Is PUMA a good brand for football boots?

Most definitely! It’s hard to beat PUMA when it comes to the value that they offer in comparison to other brands like Nike and adidas. You get premium boots built for absolute maximum speed and performance at significantly lower prices compared to some of PUMA's competitors.

Even more so, the overall build quality of PUMA boots is solid, which is great because it means you can wear your boots for a long time before having to purchase another pair - no need for a fresh pair mid-season.

Can I customise the colour and design of my PUMA football boots?

PUMA itself doesn't offer the option to customise its football boots. However, you can customise your boots yourself, or you can send them to a third-party company to customise them for you.

For example, you can customise boots brought through Unisport via its UniID system. Simply select the boots you're interested in buying, choose the size, and then you'll have the option to add your own text and, if you desire, add a flag or emoji to your boots. You can't do anything more than that though, so if you're looking to change the colour or completely overhaul the design, then you'll need to do this yourself or look elsewhere.

When it comes to customising yourself, make sure you do your research into what materials you need as well as how exactly to go about customising for best results. For example, painting shoes and boots requires a specific kind of paint, and you may want to consider using something like masking tape to avoid painting any areas you don't want to be painted.

If it's your first time, perhaps start customising a small, inconspicuous area of your boots before tackling the whole thing just to make sure you've got everything you need to do a great job.

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