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Best Football Boots 2021: Top Picks For Acceleration, Defending, And More

There’s a lot to consider when looking for the best football boots, especially as there are so many different brands, types of studs, and materials to factor into your decision.

A good pair of boots, or a top pair of astros, are vital for maintaining grip whilst you train and play, particularly when it's been raining and your Sunday league ground is more like an ice rink than a football pitch.

We put together this list, based on features, price, and reviews, highlighting some of the key details that we think make each of these boots stand out from the crowd.

So, if you've been playing FIFA 22 and are now looking for some top all-round boots, like these Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite's, to replicate the game, or in need of something built for speed, like these New Balance Furon V6+ Pro's, we’ve got you covered right here.

Best Football Boots


Best Football Boots – Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite

Best football boots Nike Mercurial product image of an orange and silver boot
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Image Credit: Nike

Brand: Nike | Material: Flyknit | Stud Type: Blades

Nike has been making football boots for years, and the Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite's combine its expertise with loads of technology to create some of the best boots around.


They are made from a similar 360 Flyknit material as the Vapor 12's, designed to be light so it feels like you're almost playing barefoot, helping improve the touch and feel of your top football as you control it.

One new feature that comes with this iteration of the boot is Nike Aerowtrac zones on the soleplate, designed to help with traction and acceleration which means these boots should be ideal for rapid changes of pace in all weather conditions.

In addition to Aerowtrac, Nike's All Condition Control (ACC) technology gives you comfort in knowing these boots are likely to be just as effective on a wet and stormy Tuesday night as well as a beautiful and warm Sunday morning.

Best Premium Football Boots – adidas Copa 19+

Best football boots adidas Copa19+ product image of a singular black and fluorescent yellow boot
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Image Credit: adidas

Brand: adidas | Material: Leather | Stud Type: Conical Moulds

Like Nike, adidas are at the very top of the football game, with athletes like Lionel Messi, Mo Salah, and Paul Pogba.


The Copa 19+'s have a lot to live up to as they don the classic Copa name, but these premia laceless, leather boots do the name justice as they combine both quality and comfort in one shoe.

Being laceless, these boots offer you a smoother area to hit the ball, meaning you should get a much cleaner, uninterrupted strike, making them ideal for any forward or attacking player out there to get the ball past a pair of top goalkeeper gloves.

The leather upper has been designed for both comfort and durability, supported by internal foam padding, to create what is likely to be an extremely comfortable pair of football boots that will last for even the biggest football fanatic who plays 3, 4, or even 5 times a week.

Not only do with think these are a top pair of boots for match days, but we also featured them in our list of the best equipment for the ultimate football training session.

Best Football Boots On A Budget – Nike Premier II

Best football boots Nike Premier II product image of a singular red boot with black Nike tick
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Image Credit: Nike

Brand: Nike | Material: Kangaroo Leather | Stud Type: Conical Moulds

The Premier II continues the Premier line of providing you with a quality leather football boot for a relatively affordable price.


The leather upper has been designed to be both soft but tough, meaning these Nike boots should withstand a lot of wear a tear accumulated out on the pitch, ideal for your typical Sunday league game.

For those who don't enjoy some of the more wacky and colorful designs of the Nike Mercurial's for example, these boots offer you a classic, almost retro design which is more simplistic to help you remain understated during your game.

The lack of technology this boot has in comparison to others on the market help continue the simplicity and reduces their price tag, meaning they will most likely suit anyone looking for just a pure football boot without the bells and whistles attached.

Best Football Boots For Acceleration – New Balance Furon V6+ Pro

Best football boots New Balance product image of a singular bleached lime boot with orange accents
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Image Credit: New Balance

Brand: New Balance | Material: Nylon | Stud Type: Triangular Moulds

Unlike Nike and adidas, New Balance is relatively new to the football landscape but has quickly become one of the leading boot manufacturers around.


The Furon V6+ Pro's are a great example of a reliable and modern bit of kit, designed with speed in mind as their lightweight nylon-knitted upper means nothing should weigh you down as you burst off from the mark to chase down a perfectly weighted through-ball.

The slightly raised ankle collar offers you additional support during quick turns of pace, meaning your boot will likely stay firmly attached in all manner of weather and pitch conditions.

The forefoot area is kept clear from anything that might stifle your touch and shots like laces, making them more beneficial for anyone playing a more attacking or creative role in their team.

Best Football Boots For Defenders – adidas Kaiser 5 Liga

Best football boots adidas product image of two black boots with white adidas accents
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Image Credit: adidas

Brand: adidas | Material: Leather | Stud Type: Conical Moulds

Named after the legendary German defender Franz Beckenbauer, aka 'Der Kaiser', this boot pays homage to the classic, no-nonsense style of the '70s and '80s era of football.


The Kaiser 5's are made out of strong, durable leather, emulating the style of play of defenders, but should give you peace of mind as they are likely to withstand any punishment you throw at them, just like a top pair of shin pads.

The aesthetics of these boots often draw a lot of comparisons with the infamous Copa Mundial's, but one feature that gives the Kaiser 5's an edge is they are slightly more lightweight to help when you need to inject some pace into your game.

Additionally, these boots can be used on a variety of surfaces including astroturf due to their conical moulds which have been designed to provide exceptional grip on all kinds of pitches, making them great all-round football boots for every scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions About Football Boots

With so many variations of football boots out there, you probably have a few queries about them, but we're here to clear up a few of the most common questions.

What Size Should I Buy?

Football boots are notoriously difficult to buy in the right size as each brand has its own unique style which means a pair of boots from Nike will differ in size from a pair of boots from New Balance.


Getting the right size is vital for comfort and performance and a good way of checking is by measuring your foot's dimensions and comparing your readings to the boots size guide or chart.

Nike boots tend to be slightly bigger than say adidas or Puma boots, but it is definitely worth measuring to avoid having to send them back if they don't fit.

What Do The Different Studs Mean?

When buying new boots, you might have come across terms such as SG, FG, and AG, but don't be fooled as they are not new positions on a football pitch.

SG simply refers to soft ground and will likely mean the boots in question have classic, screw-in studs which are more suited to your standard grassy Sunday league pitch.

FG means firm ground and tends to include boots with moulds or blades which benefit you when you're playing on a grass surface that is slightly more solid but still has a bit of give to it.

If you happen to play the majority of your football on astroturf, 3G, or 4G pitches then you might want to look out for AG, or artificial ground boots which tend to come with shorter, rounded moulds that don't ruin these special surfaces.


Are Leather Or Knitted Boots Better?

This really depends on your style of play and what you are looking for from your football boots.

Leather boots tend to be more comfortable to wear and durable as they are often thicker than the knitted fabric, but also slightly heavier so might not be beneficial for someone who looks to utilise their pace.

As well as being lighter, knitted boots open the door to more features like being laceless, so often suit attacking players more as they're after the cleanest strike of the ball possible, however, they tend to lack the longevity of the leather alternatives.

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