Best Laceless Football Boots 2023

Image of someone wearing black tracksuits holding a pair of pink and black laceless Nike football boots.
Credit: Pro:Direct Soccer

Image of someone wearing black tracksuits holding a pair of pink and black laceless Nike football boots.
Credit: Pro:Direct Soccer

Looking for the best laceless football boots can be quite the task, given the ever-growing popularity of this innovative style. In fact, since emerging around 2006, a ton of amazing laceless boots have been released, making it hard to know which ones to buy. Fortunately, our list of top picks, based on features, price, and reviews, is here to help.

Why go laceless? Well, lace-free boots have become the go-to choice for players who value that clean, uninterrupted strike of a football. Not to mention, they are a godsend for those who simply can't be bothered with the hassle of constantly tying and untying laces, allowing for a seamless transition from the changing room to the pitch in no time.

As a result, some of the best football boots on the market are now laceless, which means owning a pair for your own game should only serve to improve your performance on the pitch. So, if you want to give them a try, stick with us as we delve deep into the world of laceless football boots, exploring some unique innovations and characteristics that set these boots apart and make them some of the best on the market.

From budget-friendly options, like the adidas X Speedportal.3, to some of the best Nike football boots around, our list has you covered. Without further delay, here are the best laceless football boots we could find...

Best laceless football boots

  1. Nike Phantom GX
  2. adidas Predator Accuracy+
  3. PUMA ULTRA Match+ LL
  4. New Balance Tekela v4 Pro
  5. adidas X Speedportal.3
Nike Phantom GX product image of a blue and black laceless football boot with a white sole and small Swoosh on the side.
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Credit: Nike

1. Nike Phantom GX

Best laceless football boots from Nike

Materials: Gripknit / Flyknit
Studs: SG

We're starting off at Nike with the Nike Phantom GX boots, featuring a ghost lacing system that forgoes the need to lace up or untie your boots pre or post-game, while also providing a clean surface area to strike the football.

That's not all though. The boots are made from what Nike calls Gripknit, a sticky material that coats the upper to provide traction and a better touch of the ball to improve your control. Nike has even extended this to where the first two laces sit (beneath the Flyknit cover) as this is also a common striking area on the foot.

Adding to this, you get an asymmetrical collar designed for comfort and to provide stability as it gently hugs your ankle for a more secure lock-in, without compromising the boot's structure.

And, finally, the boots feature tri-star studs and forefoot flex grooves for traction across multiple directions on the pitch. Quite the lineup of features then that helps make these boots a top pick when it comes to the laceless style.

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adidas Predator Accuracy+ product image of an orange and black laceless football boot.
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Credit: adidas

2. adidas Predator Accuracy+

Best laceless football boots from adidas

Materials: HybridTouch / PRIMEKNIT
Studs: FG

Over at adidas, however, the adidas Predator Accuracy+ boots are a great option to consider with their clean, laceless design and grippy upper.

Their standout feature is the strategically-placed grip technology placed across common striking zones to improve control, touch, and your ability to add spin and place the football.

More specifically, the boots feature a HybridTouch upper which is designed to mould to the shape of your feet, with cushioning in key contact areas to soften the impact with the ball and, in turn, help you cushion it and keep it under control.

Also, you get a PRIMEKNIT collar providing a lightweight lock-in, and FACETFRAME technology designed to improve the transfer of power from foot to the ball for the perfect strike. Ultimately, this is a very solid all-rounder when it comes to laceless football boots.

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PUMA ULTRA Match+ LL product image of a high-collared Electric Peppermint laceless football boot featuring white, black, and Fast Yellow details.
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Credit: PUMA


Best laceless football boots from PUMA

Materials: GripControl mesh / Knitted
Studs: FG / AG

Like our previous entries, the PUMA ULTRA Match+ LL is another excellent laceless boot that's designed to be lightweight and help improve your control of the game with the ball at your feet.

It features a thin mesh upper complete with GripControl skin to improve traction with the ball, thus helping you keep it under control as you dribble past your opposition.

What's more, you get a high-cut knit collar to lock your feet in place while keeping things flexible to avoid feeling too restricted around your ankles.

The TPU SPEEDPLATE outsole is also worth a mention as it's built to deliver excellent traction on firm or artificial turf, helping you reach your top speed in a matter of moments. So, taking all these features into account, we'd say these PUMA boots are definitely worth considering.

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New Balance Tekela v4 Pro product image of an all off-white laceless football boot featuring a high collar.
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Credit: New Balance

4. New Balance Tekela v4 Pro

Best laceless football boots from New Balance

Materials: Stretch-knit / 3D knit / Nylon

There's a lot to like about the New Balance Tekela v4 Pro boots. Alongside their stylish design are a ton of great features designed to elevate your game.

Starting at the top, you get a laceless closure system, of course, surrounded by a full-foot stretch-knit upper featuring minimal textures or patterns to keep the ball closer to your feet at all times. This is also helped by the seam-free offset instep zone, which doubles up as a helpful tool for improving that lockdown feel.

Underneath, the boot features a nylon outsole and multi-directional conical studs built for firm ground. You also get TPU-angled rim studs at the forefoot to help with quick turns of pace at the flick of a switch.

And, to top it all off, the boot weighs just 199g, making it an extremely lightweight and advanced bit of kit to take your football skills to the next level.

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adidas X Speedportal.3 product image of a black and pink laceless football boot featuring three adidas stripes in white on the side.
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Credit: adidas
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5. adidas X Speedportal.3

Best budget laceless football boots

Materials: Coated textile
Studs: FG

Back to adidas, but this time to the slightly more budget-friendly adidas X Speedportal.3 boots that are simultaneously built for speed as well as control accuracy, and precision.

To achieve this, they feature a lightweight, coated textile upper to keep the weight to a minimum while also ensuring the boots are durable enough for intense 11-a-side fixtures. Then, to help you reach top speed, the boots feature two extra forefoot studs to improve grip, helping you break away from your mark at pace.

In terms of support, the boots provide a combination of a stretchy flat-knit collar and rigid TPU heel lock to keep your feet moulded in place, without feeling too restrictive during multi-directional movements.

Also, it's worth touching on the uppers, which feature at least 50% recycled content as part of adidas' bid to end plastic waste. So, not only are these a sustainably made option, but they're also incredibly advanced considering their slightly lower price tag. Overall, a great option to consider on a budget.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Buying new football boots can be a daunting task, often leading to several questions. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries below.

How do laceless football boots differ from traditional boots?

Laceless football boots differ from traditional boots primarily in their design and closure system. What does that mean? Well, the answer is in the name.

Laceless boots simply come with no laces, or at least "ghost laces", hidden beneath a cover. Instead of using laces to secure the boots, they typically utilise alternative closure mechanisms such as elastic, straps, or integrated sock-like constructions to lock your feet in.

This tends to give laceless boots a snug and more streamlined fit, minimising distractions and anything interrupting a clean strike of the football. In fact, that leads us to...

What are the benefits of laceless football boots?

As touched on above, laceless boots typically provide a snug and sock-like fit, conforming to the shape of the foot which helps to reduce unnecessary movement inside the boot, providing a more secure and stable feel.

The absence of laces means there are no laces to interfere with ball contact either. This can enhance touch and control, allowing for a more natural and direct connection, resulting in what is often a cleaner strike. This can be especially beneficial for players who rely on precise dribbling, passing, and shooting, or, in other words, strikers, wingers, and midfielders.

Without laces, your boots will also have a sleek and minimalist design. The absence of laces gives them a clean and aerodynamic look that is visually appealing in our opinion.

And then, of course, laceless boots are usually quick and easy to put on and take off. This convenience can be particularly beneficial during pre-match preparations or when changing footwear after a game when all you want to do is relax.

With all this being said, laceless boots aren't for everyone. Personal preference and playing style play a significant role in determining the ideal boot choice, and you may find you still prefer traditional laced boots for their adjustability or familiarity. Therefore, it's a good idea to try on different boots and consider individual needs and preferences before making a final decision.

Can you tighten laceless football boots?

No, laceless football boots cannot be tightened in the traditional sense since they lack laces. Instead, you'll often find innovative materials and construction techniques to ensure a tight and comfortable fit around the foot. A great example of this would be knitted fabric around the collar that conforms and fits tight to your foot and ankle, negating the need for laces to some degree.

However, some laceless football boots may go beyond this and feature alternative mechanisms or technologies to allow for some level of fit customisation. For example, certain models may have adjustable straps, bands, or closures that can be tightened or loosened to your preference. These mechanisms are typically designed to enhance the overall fit and feel of the boot rather than replicate the tightening function of traditional laces.

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