Best Football Boots Under 100: Our Top Picks For Training And Matches

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There's a lot to factor in when searching for the best football boots under 100 pounds or dollars, especially as it can be tricky to figure out exactly what sort of quality you're getting for your cash.

Fortunately, we're here to help as we've compiled a list of our top budget picks, based on features, price, and reviews, highlighting some of the key characteristics that make these budget boots stand out from the crowd.

From boots built for wingers, like these Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro's, to some of the most well-rounded and best football boots around, like these PUMA Future Z 2.1's, we've got everything you need right here.

We also discuss some of the latest football boot news as we enter April, which we'll keep updated to help ensure you're in the loop with all the goings-on surrounding the sport.

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Best Football Boots Under 100


Best All-Round Football Boots Under 100 - adidas Copa Mundial

Best football boots under 100 adidas product image of a single black and white boot.
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Brand: adidas | Material: Leather | Stud Type: FG Moulds

The adidas Copa Mundial has been a go-to boot for many football fans ever since it debuted at the 1982 World Cup as it offers a simple yet effective design that has withstood the test of time.


adidas has kept a lot of what made the Copa Mundial so great intact, including the full leather upper with a simple nylon lining which should mean it withstands even the most challenging of weather conditions.

It also features a very retro cloth and leather tongue, designed to help you get the boot on with ease so you're ready to play football.

Ultimately, if you're after a solid all-rounder, we feel it's hard to look past the adidas Copa Mundial so you have everything you need for training or for a match day.

Best Football Boots Under 100 For Strikers - PUMA Future Z 2.1

Best football boots under 100 PUMA product image of a pair of yellow and black boots.
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Brand: PUMA | Material: Synthetic | Stud Type: FG/AG Moulds

If you play up top, then these PUMA Future Z 2.1's could be the perfect budget boots for you.


What we like most is that PUMA has gone above and beyond to ensure the Future Z 2.1's fit comfortably thanks to the FUZIONFIT compression bands, designed to lock your foot in place.

Moreover, PUMA boasts another benefit of FUNZIONFIT is that it is lightweight which, accompanied by the Dynamic Motion System outsole, allows for superior traction for explosive multidirectional movement to beat the last line of defense.

All in all, we feel these PUMA Future Z 2.1's are a great option to consider.b

Best Football Boots Under 100 For Wingers - Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro

Best football boots under 100 Nike product image of a pair of black boots with blue and grey details.
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Brand: Nike | Material: Synthetic | Stud Type: FG Moulds

A number of top wingers have worn Mercurial's over the years, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar.


The reason for this is because the Mercurial's are built primarily for speed, and these Vapor 14 Pro's are no exception with their lightweight synthetic upper and fabric sock lining.

Furthermore, the Vapor 14 Pro's come with FG moulds and ribs on the instep which should provide you with excellent traction and control down the wing.

On the whole, we feel these boots a well worth considering if you're after something lightweight for playing down the bylines.

Best Football Boots Under 100 For Midfields - adidas Copa Sense.3

Best football boots under 100 adidas product image of a single black boot with white stripes down the side.
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Credit: adidas
Brand: adidas | Material: Synthetic | Stud Type: FG Moulds

These adidas Copa Sense.3's look to be the ultimate boots for controlling the midfield.


adidas boasts the boots feature soft leather insteps for added assurance to every touch, plus TPU outsoles to keep your game in motion on firm ground.

Additionally, they feature a knit textile collar which should provide easy entry and a secure lockdown so you remain comfortable throughout an entire 90 minutes.

Ultimately, there's a lot to like about these adidas Copa Sense.3's, especially for midfielders, which is a big part of the reason they feature on our list.

Best Football Boots Under 100 For Defenders - Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy

Best football boots under 100 Nike product image of a pair of black and blue boots.
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Brand: Nike | Material: Synthetic | Stud Type: FG/SG Moulds

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 is designed to be one of the best boots for control. which is key to the likes of van Dijk and Pique's games, two players who also wear Tiempo's.


What we also like about these boots is that they're light, weighing just 228g, making them suitable for modern defenders who need to be quick to play a high pressing lines

In terms of traction, they come with a balanced soleplate that features 13 moulds, engineered to grip any surface comfortably to help you avoid making any mistakes as the back.

Overall, we feel these Nike Tiempo Legend 9's include a lot of features that suit the modern defenders game, which is why we're including them on our list.

Latest Football Boot News

With new football boots seemingly dropping each week, we've decided to keep you updated with all the latest goings-on surrounding the footwear right here.

adidas Al Rihla World Cup Boot Pack Leaked

Latest football boot news adidas product image of a black boot with multi-coloured accents.
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Credit: Footy Headlines

Early images of the new adidas Copa Sense boots to feature as part of the 2022 World Cup "Al Rihla" pack have surfaced online.


Using bright reds, greens, oranges, and blues, the colour scheme is similar to the now-released "Al Rihla" football set to be the official ball for the Qatar tournament.

If these sound like boots for you, then keep an eye out for their arrival around November 2022, most likely just in time for the start of the first-ever winter World Cup.

adidas X Speedportal+ Prototype Boots Leaked

Latest football boot news adidas product image of an all-black, laceless cleat.
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Credit: Nike Pro

Early images of new adidas X Speedportal boots known as the "Prototype" colourway have been leaked.


The pictures showcase a completely blacked-out, laceless boot with very subtle adidas branding appearing across the heels.

The only non-black element is the white printed "1/2". It's unclear if this signifies that these cleats are just a sample, or if this will be included in the final design just yet, so stay tuned to find out more along with the release date right here.

New Nike Phantom GT 3's Spotted

Latest football boot news Nike leaked image of a triple-black boot with mesh covering the laces.
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Credit: Footy Headlines

The latest Nike Phantom boots have been spotted, showcasing the next-gen GT 3 design for the first time.


It appears the boots will feature a unique mesh covering over the laces, plus the usual knitted collars as per usual for a Phantom release.

The boots are expected to arrive at some point before August 2022, so stay tuned to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Football Boots Under 100

With so many variations of football boots out there, you probably have a few queries about them, but we're here to clear up a few of the most common questions.

What Should You Look For In A Pair Of Football Boots Under 100?

When you're given a restrictive budget, it can be difficult figuring out what the key features are to look for in football boots, however, we're here to help you out.

Firstly, make sure you check the stud type as you'll want to be picking up boots with the right studs for your playing surface. With that being said, most moulds these days can be used on both firm and soft grounds.


It may also be worth keeping an eye on the materials used as anything knitted or mesh will help reduce the weight of your boots, which, in turn, can improve your overall speed slightly.

Also, keep note of the closure type as you'll want a pair of boots that securely lock you in and are comfortable during a game.

What Do The Different Stud Abbreviations Mean?

SG simply refers to soft ground and will likely mean the boots in question have screw-in studs which are more suited to your standard grassy Sunday league pitch.

FG means firm ground and tends to include boots with moulds or blades which benefit you when you're playing on a grass surface that is slightly more solid but still has a bit of give to it.

If you happen to play the majority of your football on astroturf, 3G, or 4G pitches then you might want to look out for AG, or artificial ground boots which tend to come with shorter, rounded moulds that don't ruin these unique surfaces.

What Size Should You Buy?


Football boots are notoriously difficult to buy in the right size as each brand has its own unique sizing.

Getting the right size is vital for comfort and performance, so a good way of checking is by measuring your foot's dimensions and comparing your results to the boot's size guide or chart.

Nike boots tend to be slightly bigger than say adidas or Puma boots, but it is definitely worth measuring to avoid having to send them back if they don't fit.

Can Football Boots Make You Faster?

While football boots may not be able to improve your absolute top speed under perfect conditions, some might be able to make you run faster on your typical Sunday League pitch.

For example, lighter football boots can be linked to improved speed and acceleration. For example, a 2016 study into the weight of shoes found that participants ran about 1% slower for every 3.5 ounces of lead added per shoe.

Also, selecting the studs is essential for ensuring you get a quick start off the mark as losing traction can also result in you losing your forward momentum.


Should You Clean Your Football Boots?

Keep your football boots in good condition between games in order for them to perform as they should on the pitch.

We'd recommend regularly cleaning your boots, particularly around the studs or moulds, to remove any built-up mud and dirt which may impact your levels of grip.

To remove the dirt underneath, you can first try removing as much mud as possible by banging the soles together, then, use a brush to wipe away any leftover build-up.

For your safety, and the safety of others on the field, you may need to replace metal studs when your boots have become significantly worn underneath.

For more extensive information, check out our step-by-step guide on how to clean football boots which includes our top tips for cleaning when you encounter an uncommon material, and our recommendations for things to avoid doing to prevent any damage.

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