PUBG Mobile Season 13: Release date, New Weapons, Vehicles, Cosmetics, Pass rewards & everything else you need to know

Season 12 is what the community is getting excited about, but here are some details on Season 13.

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PUBG Mobile Season 12 is upon us in a matter of weeks, but that hasn’t stopped players in the gamer community from speculating about when Season 13 will launch, and what the theme will be.

As always, you should expect to see new vehicles, skins, weapon finishes, parachutes, rewards and emotes – and that’s just to name a few.

The Golden Pan is renowned for sharing some of the new cosmetics coming to an upcoming Season, but they also have absolutely nothing on it.

You’ll just have to stay tuned for our PUBG Mobile Season 13 updates to be one of the first to find out about the update.

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Release date

Season 12 will come to an end on 12 May, with the next season coming in soon afterwards.

The Season 12 Royale Pass is set to end on the 11 May at 12am (GMT), so Season 13 will begin on the 12 May at 2am (GMT).

New Map

Just like Erangle 2.0, PUBG Mobile will introduce a new Vikendi 2.0.

According to various YouTubers, a new trailer has surfaced, so you should go check it out when you have a minute.

It’s believed this is due to the lack of numbers playing the map currently.

New Skins

There’s also a gem-studded Dacia up for grabs.

New Emotes

A new emote is coming to PUBG Mobile Season 13 called “Joyful Twist”, according to several YouTubers.

There’s also a new emote called “Shuffling Hands” as well as “Talk to the Hand”.

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