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PUBG Mobile: How to play on controller and PC - Keyboard and mouse, Season 13, Update 1.18.0 & more

PUBG Mobile puts a lot of pressure on players by limiting them to their phone screens to juggle running, looting, aiming, and shooting. Even players who are used to dominating shooters on a console or PC can sometimes be overwhelmed by mobile controls.  

This leads some players to seek news ways to play the game. And what better time to try than waiting for Update 1.18.0 and Season 13?

Let’s go over how to play PUBG Mobile on a controller, and on a PC.  

How to play PUBG Mobile on controller 

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ALTERNATIVES- While it's difficult, playing on a controller can be a breath of fresh air in PUBG Mobile

Unfortunately for controller players, the process is not as simple as other games. You’ll have to employ some serious workarounds to get any controller functionality into your PUBG Mobile experience.  

This means purchasing specialized controllers for mobile phones, and even these won’t work perfectly for the game.  

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If you don’t want to do that, you can play the game by emulating Android on your pc and using a controller there. Unfortunately, some key functionality like sensitivity is lost in this process, which strains aiming and shooting tremendously.  

In the end if you’re desperate enough to play PUBG Mobile on controller it’s possible, it’s just not going to be very effective.  

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC 

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STYLE POINTS- How PC players feel entering a match

While controller players struggle to incorporate into PUBG Mobile, PC players have the easy route. 

A significant portion of the PUBG Mobile playerbase plays on PC with mouse and keyboard. You can accomplish this by emulating Android on your PC.

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Players looking for a faster and more thrilling PUBG Mobile experience come to mouse and keyboard. Mouse and keyboard offers high sensitivity and precision for movement, aiming, and shooting. That means way more headshots, and way more sudden deaths. 

But don’t think you’ll get an advantage over mobile players, as PUBG Mobile can detect players using this option, and specifically matches them together in queue.

New content coming to PUBG Mobile

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TAKE COVER- There's too much awesome new content coming to PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has a ton of exciting new content on the way in the next couple weeks.

First will be Update 1.18.0, which includes the Mad Miramar event, bringing Miramar 2.0, the golden Mirado, the P90, and new game modes Jungle Adventure and Safety Scramble to the game. It goes live May 7th.

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Second will be Season 13, which includes awesome Royale Pass rewards like new emotes, new skins, new gun skins, and more. It goes live May 12th.

Whether you’re playing on PUBG Mobile or taking a break with PUBG Mobile Lite, you don’t want to miss these.

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