PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0 Golden Mirado: How to find the new car in Mad Miramar, Season 13, patch notes, map, weapons, features & more

Players spend a lot of time driving around in PUBG Mobile, whether it's running down opponents or repositioning.

While players think a lot about the cover and protection their vehicle provides, they don't think enough of style.

That's where the Golden Mirado comes in.

Let's go over how to get the Golden Mirado so you can drive around in luxury.

Getting the Golden Mirado

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JUNK- UAZ's are a thing of the past, the Golden Mirado brings luxury to Miramar

The Golden Mirado will be a rare find in the Mad Miramar event of PUBG Mobile. The event takes place on Miramar, including a semblance of a racetrack.

This makes the Golden Mirado even more valuable to show off on the track. But it also means players will be looking for it more than any other vehicle in the game.

So how can you be the one to take the wheel of the rare Golden Mirado? It's all about patience and thinking ahead.

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Mirado spawns aren't the most common of PUBG mobile vehicles, and for good reason. After all, quality over quantity. We aren't talking about some run of the mill ATV here.

The Golden Mirado spawn however will be even rarer than the Mirado, which means finding one will be a huge accomplishment.

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While we don't have official confirmation on a spawn location, we can make an educated guess.

In PUBG, the Golden Mirado can only spawn in the garage of Hacienda del Patron near San Martin. There's a strong possibility this carries over to PUBG Mobile.

Mad Miramar

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Mad Miramar event rewards 1 1 1 1
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COMING SOON- Mad Miramar begins May 7th

Players will have to wait for the Mad Miramar event to try their luck finding the Golden Mirado. But the good news is the event comes with plenty more than just the skinned car.

Mad Miramar will also introduce Miramar 2.0, new emotes, new guns and attachments, and more.

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The event goes live on 7 May.

Update 0.18.0 patch notes

The patch notes for update 0.18.0 are here and they are extensive!

There are a lot of gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and even a new currency.

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