PUBG Mobile: New currency in Update 1.18.0 - How to spend & earn AG

There are several currencies players can earn and spend in PUBG Mobile. There's now a new one to add to the list, AG (Ace Gold).

Let's go over what we know so far about AG, how to earn AG, and how to spend it ahead of its arrival in Update 1.18.0 and Season 13 immediately after.

How to earn AG

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GET READY TO RUMBLE- You'll have to earn your AG on the battlefield

You can earn AG much like other currencies, by completing achievements, and taking on missions daily, weekly, and monthly.

Missions that earn AG are going to be a little tougher than normal, so be prepared to get to work if you want to earn a lot of it.

How to spend AG

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FLAIR- It's hard not to look great next to the Golden Mirado

You can spend AG much like other currencies for in-game items like clothing.

It works as an alternative currency for all items, so if you're low on PUBG Mobile coins, or UC, you can bust out your AG to make the purchase.

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Value of AG

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MOVING UP- Your AG can purchase almost anything in PUBG Mobile

An AG translates to roughly .14 UC (which means 7 AG is about 1 UC).

That means the basic Royale Pass costs roughly 4,200 AG (600 UC), and the Elite Royale Pass costs roughly 12,600 AG (1800 UC).

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New content coming to PUBG Mobile

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ALMOST HERE- Update 1.18.0 brings plenty of new content to try out 7 May

AG is arriving to PUBG Mobile in Update 1.18.0, which brings plenty of new content to the game 7 May. Update 1.18.0 includes the Mad Miramar event, Golden Mirado, new guns and attachments, and more.

Less than a week after Update 1.18.0, Season 13 will arrive in PUBG Mobile. Season 13 will bring even more new content with new skins, gun skins, emotes, voices and more in the Season 13 Royale Pass.

There's never been a better time to play PUBG Mobile.

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