Genshin Impact Dendrobium Locations and Farming Guide

Genshin Impact Dendrobium.
Credit: HoYoverse

Genshin Impact Dendrobium.
Credit: HoYoverse

The Genshin Impact Inazuma cycle introduced a plethora of new gatherable materials, including the Dendrobium. Once believed extinct in the Inazuman archipelago, this red flower now blooms anew upon the battlefields, its vibrant hues said to blossom most vibrantly where blood is spilt.

Currently, the Dendrobium can only be found in Inazuma, specifically on two of the three main islands. Let's delve into its locations and explore its uses.

Dendrobium farming guide

A local specialty of Inazuma, the Dendrobium is a striking red plant that blooms exclusively on battlefields steeped in bloodshed. There are a total of 55 Dendrobiums spread across the battlefields of Kannazuka and Yashiori Island. After harvesting, they will respawn in 48 hours, or two days.

Only blooming where much blood was spilt, many can be found scattered across Nazuchi Beach, and a few more are present around the Maguu Kenki's arena and the path northwest of Kujou Encampment, leading to the Pyro Hypostasis arena.

Dendrobium locations

The greatest concentration of Dendrobium can be found on Nazuchi Beach, located between Yashiori Island and Kannazuka. This beach has been ravaged by war for almost a thousand years, so these bright red flowers are particularly hard to miss in this area.

Smaller clusters can be found around Serpent's Head near the Maguu Kenki and Kujou Encampment.

There are around 29 Dendrobium on Nazuchi Beach, 14 near the Kujou Encampment, and 12 surrounding the Maguu Kenki, south of Yahiori Island.

Dendrobium has a respawn period of two real-world days, so players looking to farm them will need to wait a bit after clearing them out for them to show up again!

What to use Dendrobium on

With Dendrobium and Fowl, you can craft Redrio Bait, which can be used to catch Sticklebacks and its variants.

Currently, only Kujou Sara uses Dendrobium as a Character Ascension Material in Genshin Impact. However, based on leaks from FouL and HomDGCat, the upcoming 5-star Geo character, Chiori, will also require Dendrobium for ascension.

That means now is the best time to start stocking up on them, this way there will be plenty on hand for when Chiori releases in Version 4.5!

Among the 18 characters set to be released during the Fontaine cycle, Chiori is a renowned Inazuman designer with her own burgeoning fashion label "Chioriya Boutique" in Fontaine.

Chiori made her first in-game appearance in Version 4.3 during the Fontinalia Film Festival, captivating players with her no-nonsense personality and intriguing background. For those eager to gather her Ascension and Talent Materials in preparation for her banner release, look no further. Our comprehensive Chiori pre-farming guide has you covered!

A screenshot of Chiori from the Genshin Impact 4.3 main event, "Roses and Muskets"
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Credit: HoYoverse

For more about Genshin Impact, discover all that you need to know about the 18 new characters set to be released during the game's Fontaine cycle. On top of that, the Version 4.5 and 4.6 banners have been leaked! Get ahead of the curve and start planning your Primogem savings for your future party members with our Fontaine character banner schedule here.

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