Genshin Impact Chiori Story Quest Act 1 Walkthrough

A screenshot of Chiori from "Character Teaser - "Chiori: Crimson-Woven Heart" | Genshin Impact " YouTube video.
Credit: HoYoverse

A screenshot of Chiori from "Character Teaser - "Chiori: Crimson-Woven Heart" | Genshin Impact " YouTube video.
Credit: HoYoverse

Chiori takes centre stage in the Genshin Impact Version 4.5 update, with her debut banner, and the first chapter of her Story Quest now live! Players were captivated by her no-nonsense personality and intriguing background during her initial appearance in Version 4.3's Fontinalia Film Festival. Now, prepare to be swept away to the heart of Fontaine's glamorous Fashion Week.

As a renowned Inazuman designer with her own "Chioriya Boutique" in Fontaine, Chiori carves her own path in Cisoria Chapter: Act 1 - When They Talk About Tonight. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough to guide you through the first act of Chiori's illuminating Story Quest.

How to unlock Chiori’s Story Quest Act 1

Before embarking on Chiori’s Story Quest - Cisoria Chapter: Act I "When They Talk About Tonight", you must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess one Story Key
  • Reached Adventure Rank 40+
  • Completed Archon Quest Chapter IV Act 5: “Masquerade of the Guilty”

To obtain one Story Key, you must do 8 Daily Commissions and be at Adventure Rank 40+. Since you can only complete 4 Commissions a day, it will take at least 2 days to acquire 1 Story Key for this quest.

A screenshot of Chiori from "Character Teaser - "Chiori: Crimson-Woven Heart" | Genshin Impact" YouTube video.
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Credit: HoYoverse

It is important to note that Story Keys are not awarded automatically once the required eight daily commissions are complete. Genshin Impact players must actively go and redeem them from the “Story Quest” page in the “Quests” tab.

Chiori’s Story Quest Act 1 guide and walkthrough

In Cisoria Chapter: Act 1 - "When They Talk About Tonight", you'll help Chiori tackle two challenges: clear her boutique's name from the slanderous accusations of her rival, Uther, and prepare Chioriya Boutique for the prestigious Fontaine Fashion Week!

As is customary for all Genshin Impact Story Quests, there will be three sub-quests in total to complete and we will guide you through each one:

  1. Where Honed Blades Clash
  2. Stained Spots
  3. The Woven and the Cut

Where Honed Blades Clash walkthrough

  • Go to Chioriya Boutique, and talk to Chiori
  • Meet Kirara who brings fabrics for Fashion Week, revealing that Bandits tried to steal the fabric shipment
  • Follow Chiori in confronting Uther (the culprit behind the bandit attack)
  • Go back to Chioriya Boutique where Chiori arranges safe passage for Kirara

Stained Spots walkthrough

  • Wait until the next morning (06:00 - 10:00)
  • Head inside the Chioriya Boutique
  • Help Chiori to set up her boutique:
    • Inazuman Kimono on the left
    • Men's Formal Attire in the middle
    • Women's Formal Attire on the right
  • Talk to Chiori about the sudden influx of cancellations and return requests
  • Go with Chiori to confront her accessory supplier
  • Chiori vanishes while you talk to Charlotte
  • Try to catch up with Chiori
  • Return to the Chioriya Boutique
  • Look for Chiori at the designated location in the Liffey Region
  • Check up on Chiori
  • Dive underwater and help Chiori collect materials for her accessories:
    • Retrieve a Lovely Lumitoile near the Armored Crabs
    • Swim a little further to collect the Ravishing Romaritime Flower
    • Break a boulder with the Armored Crab ability to get Beauteous Beryl Conch underneath
  • Reconvene with Chiori on the cliff and return to the Chioriya Boutique
  • Dismantle the clothes by attacking the mannequins
  • Search for Lyney and Lynette

The Woven And The Cut walkthrough

  • Wait until two days later
  • Meet up with Chiori in Fleuve Cendre and enter Uther's clothing factory
  • Investigate Uther's clothing factory
  • Investigate the factory’s fitting room
  • Head deeper into the factory until you find a giant conveyor belt leading underground
  • Investigate the warehouse and enter a chamber. Uther locks you in!
  • There will be three Control Panels, the rightmost Control Panel will trigger the next event
  • Defeat the Clockwork Meka that appear
  • After defeating the enemies, use the Hydraulic Press on your left to reach a higher level
  • Keep using the factory's Hydraulic Presses to escape the chamber
  • To leave the warehouse, use the conveyor belt in front of you, and ride the Hydraulic Press at the end of the belt (avoid steam vents which can knock you off)
  • Use Chiori's Elemental Skill to reach ledges and glide to conveyor belt platforms as needed
  • Open the door using the nearby Control Panel, grab the nearby Precious Chest, and swim through the current back to the first room
  • Talk to Ulther
  • Return to the seaside cliff and receive a custom brooch from Chiori
A screenshot of Chiori from the "Character Demo - "Chiori: Thousand Threads of Brilliance" | Genshin Impact" YouTube video.
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Credit: HoYoverse

Chiori Story Quest Act 1 rewards

Here are all the rewards you’ll receive in tandem with learning more about Fontaine’s most renowned fashion designer, Chiori!

  • Where Honed Blades Clash: Mora x29,525 + Hero's Wit x3 + Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
  • Stained Spots: Mora x39,350 + Hero's Wit x4 + Mystic Enhancement Ore x9
  • The Woven and the Cut: Primogem x60 + Mora x44000 + Guide to Light x5 + Hero's Wit x5 + Mystic Enhancement Ore x10

That concludes our walkthrough for Chiori’s Story Quest - Cisoria Chapter: Act I "When They Talk About Tonight"!

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