All Lost Grimoire Locations in the Faded Castle from Genshin Impact

An in-game screenshot of the player standing next to a Lost Grimoire.
Credit: HoYoverse

An in-game screenshot of the player standing next to a Lost Grimoire.
Credit: HoYoverse

Wondering where all the Lost Grimoire locations are? In the newest region of Genshin Impact, you'll be exploring the mysterious Faded Castle in the Nostoi region, where there are plenty of hidden items to be found.

The Lost Grimoires is a set of eight flying books that you can use your newfound skills to obtain. In this guide, we'll take you through where all the Lost Grimoire locations are, as well as how to return them to their rightful place in Genshin Impact.

All Lost Grimoire locations in Genshin Impact

With the new Symphony skill introduced in Genshin Impact 4.6, you will be able to stop certain moving objects, which is necessary for obtaining flying books. Collecting all Lost Grimoires will unlock the Loved By Books achievement, so let's find out where to get them!

An in-game screenshot of the player standing in front of flying books in the Faded Castle.
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When you come across a flying book, simply get close to it and press the Elemental Skill button (T key on PC) when the Symphony skill is activated. This should stop the book in its tracks, and it's ready to be picked up.

To find each of these eight books, you'll need to start from the middle of Faded Castle. There's a Teleport Waypoint here that you can travel to in order to begin looking for the lost books.

A screenshot of the map indicating which Teleport Waypoint to use, circled in red.
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Here's a step-by-step guide on where to find each Lost Grimore in the Faded Castle:

  1. Run east through the corridor until you reach the room that's a staircase down. Follow the next staircase and the glowing marks until you unlock a chest. The flying book will be on the other side of the wall.
  2. Return to the Teleport Waypoint and run through the corridor again, but instead of descending to the room below, take a left. Ascend two sets of staircases and you'll find another Lost Grimoire.
  3. Turn around and run up the staircase to find the next flying book on the left side.
  4. Take a right and descend the second staircase on the right, to spot another flying book.
  5. Glide down to the glowing pool of water below, where you'll find another Lost Grimoire flying at the edge of the pool.
  6. Teleport to the southern Teleport Waypoint on the Middle Level of the Faded Castle. Turn right, left, and right again until you reach a chest guarded by a golem. You can sneak past the golem by sticking to the wall on your left, and enter a small library where a Lost Grimoire is floating.
  7. Make your way to the upper level of the building, and you'll find a Lost Grimoire at the very end of the corridor. You'll need to run around the entire upper level.
  8. For the last one, you'll need to activate the Crystal Mechanism on the upper level with a Charged Attack, which will summon blue platforms in the center of the building. Using these, you can reach the highest parts of the building, where another similar Crystal and the last flying book can be found.

Where to submit the Lost Grimoires in the Faded Castle

In the vicinity of every Lost Grimoire, you should be able to find mysterious bookshelves on the walls of the rooms. These glow with blue light, and are quite easily found. If you miss one, you can retrace your steps back to where you picked up the flying books to find its bookshelf.

An in-game screenshot of the player standing next to a Lost Grimoire in front of a mysterious bookshelf.
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It doesn't matter which book you return to which bookshelf, so you can collect them all before placing them back!

That's all for our guide on where to find all Lost Grimoire locations in Genshin Impact. If you'd like to check out more on Version 4.6, here's a guide on where to find all the Ridiculously Common Branch locations in Petrichor to unlock a hidden mini-quest!

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