FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Web App, cards, updates, Seasons, New FUT Icons, Ratings, Academy, SBCs, Objectives & more

FUT 21 will bring the explosive online action we’ve see in the series. Here’s what we can expect.

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These are unchartered times for football fans.

With no known resumption of the football league following the Coronavirus outbreak, players are turning to their consoles and are grinding in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

That has given us time to think about what is coming next year, with FUT set to explode on FIFA 21.

Here’s what we know so far.

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How FIFA 20 nailed Ultimate Team

Season objectives on FIFA 20 finally rewarded players who weren’t spending a fortune on their team, and FUT Friendlies put the fun firmly back into FIFA Ultimate Team.

GAME CHANGER: The new FUT Objectives got fans on-side

The customisation made everyone’s team feel bespoke and has left FIFA players in a much more content position with the online game.

Couple that with greater accessibility from the squad screen, then only a few subtle tweaks need to be added ahead of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Academy cards

For the first time ever in Ultimate Team, on FIFA 20 we saw the launch of Academy cards.

These were items that could at first be unlocked via objectives, with further objectives allowing you to “level up” the item.

future stars academy james dan
UPGRADE – The Academy Dan James was unlockable and upgradable by in-game objectives

More items like this, that do not require serious coin grinding for packs and SBCs, will go down a hit with fans.

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Only Dan James, Martin Odegaard and Victor Osimhen received Academy cards as part of the Future Stars promo on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, so let’s hope for more items on FUT 21.

Going Seasonal

Seasons has been a great feature in FIFA Ultimate Team, and something we see to be growing in popularity as time goes on.

futmas fut 19
TIS THE SEASON – Could we see more expanded FUT promos like Futmas on FIFA 21?

With ICON Swaps and a whole string of SBC or Objectives items, this presents itself with the perfect opportunity for players to find at least one item worth chasing.

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Could they step this up for FIFA 21 by marrying some of their promos with a Season?

Look at how EA operates over Futmas. Special kits and player items are available over the festive period, and perhaps it’s time do the same over Ultimate Scream and FUT Birthday.

New features for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

Hopefully, this will be the year that EA can change the success rate in Ultimate Team packs.

In a normal gold pack, there is only a 7.9% chance of picking up a player rated 82 or higher, that falls to 3.6% for 83+ rated players.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team pack success rates

Premium Gold7.5k100%19% 4.6%     
Premium Electrum Players12.5k100%39%  4.4%    
Premium Gold Jumbo15k100%40%  4.6%    
Premium Gold Players25k100%55%   3.9%   
Mega35k100%77%    5.6%  
Prime Gold Players45k100%78%    5.2%  
Rare Player50k100%95%     6.5% 
Ultimate125k100%99%      2.4%

Of course, EA implements this to stop the cash-rich players from buying a load of packs and getting instant success, but it actually harms everyone across the board.

On a similar note, if there was improved matchmaking on Ultimate Team, like for FIFA 20 Online Seasons, where you only come up against a team with a similar rating, it would provide a level playing field.

NO CHANCE: It’s not really fair when you come up against Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Ultimate Team

The customisation in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team has been fantastic, but this can go further.

Deeper customisation of kits, crests, stadiums, balls and fan chants can keep this going.

With a greater processing speed on the upcoming next-gen consoles, perhaps this can be achieved in the not-so-distant future.

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EA have made statements in recent weeks regarding their work on the online servers, and of course, there is only so much they can do in this department, they are making progress.

The new consoles will make a difference in this area, so perhaps lag will become a thing of the past.

New FUT 21 ICONs

With over 80 ICONs on FIFA 20, there aren’t many legends of the game that EA has to choose from.

We have a look five contenders who could arrive on the next game:

Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer last appeared in the FIFA series back in FIFA 17, and we feel the Kaiser is due for a return.

Given he is a Bayern Munich legend, a FUT 21 card could be unlikely, with Bayern one of Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer partner clubs.


John Terry

John Terry is a Chelsea legend through and through, having won the Champions League, five Premier Leagues and five FA Cups during his career with the Blues.


The current Aston Villa assistant manager would be a great defensive option on Ultimate Team, having last appeared on the game in FIFA 18.

Ashley Cole

It’s a similar case for fellow Chelsea man Ashley Cole, who retired last season after a 20-year career that spanned 16 trophies and three continents.


With Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Claude Makelele, Marcel Desailly, Ruud Gullit, Didier Drogba and Gianfranco Zola, the list of Chelsea legends is only set to grow on FIFA 21.

Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti would be a welcome addition to FIFA Ultimate Team, with the Roma legend one of the most iconic players to wear the number 10 shirt.


The forward spent his entire career with I Giallorossi, winning one Serie A title, two Copa Italias, and two Supercoppa Italianas.

Nemanja Vidic

One of the hardest men to play in the Premier League, Nemanja Vidic captained Manchester United to five Premier League titles and a Champions League.

He formed a formidable defensive partnership with current FUT ICON Rio Ferdinand.

Two New Icons Found

Well known FUT website and notorious data miner FUT Watch seems to have found TWO new icons in the game’s code that may indicate at future icon releases.

After Title Update #12 was released in March, FUT Watch began to explore the code and found ICON data for Eric Abidal and Lilian Thuram.

Another user @imSeanFUT1 also commented on the fact that Vidic was there from the start but hasn’t been released.

Perhaps this has something to do with the rapidly approaching UEFA European Football Championship this summer?

To find out more about these potential new Icons, head here.

FIFA 21 Player Rating Predictions

One of the most anticipated aspects of a new FIFA game is always the player ratings and which players rank amongst the best.

The following players are who we expect to be the top five rated players in FIFA 21 and their predicted ratings.

Lionel Messi (OVR 93)

No prizes for guessing who we predict as the number one man on FIFA 21 – it’s got be the footballing phenomenon that is Lionel Messi.


Messi has produced 13 goals and six assists in 14 games in La Liga so far this season and recently won the ballon d’Or.

However, due to his age and his lack of European success recently we expect his overall rating to drop to 93.

Cristiano Ronaldo (OVR 92)

For years, Messi and Ronaldo have been battling out for top spot.

It’s fair to say that the two of them have been in a league of their own in the footballing world, but now others are catching up.


The Portuguese forward has smashed in 21 Serie A goals so far this season, but will be 35 years old by the time FIFA 21 comes out!

Unless Juve win the Champions League, we can’t see Ronaldo getting above a 92 rating.

Kevin De Bruyne (OVR 92)

As all Premier League fans have been witness to this season, Kevin De Bruyne has been utterly outstanding in his most recent Man City campaign.


Guardiola’s squad have fallen short of Liverpool this season, and we dread to think how much bigger that gap would be if they didn’t have KDB.

92 overall would be a fair reflection of the Belgian’s talent.

Neymar (OVR 92)

The Brazilian Neymar is probably in the prime of his footballing career – 18 goals and 10 assists in 22 appearances so far this season and it looks like Neymar fancies a move back to Barcelona.


Therefore, FIFA 21 will likely see the winger retain his 92 overall rating, but could we see a change of club?

Virgil van Dijk (OVR 91)

It’s not often that a centre back is hailed as a world class team’s best player – enter Virgil van Dijk.


The Dutchman has been an unbreakable force at the back for Liverpool, as they sail ahead in the Premier League.

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Van Dijk probably deserves to be rated higher than 91 overall, but having been rated 90 last year, it’s unlikely he’ll jump to the lofty heights of 92.

FUT 21 Web App

We can’t wait to get our hands on and start building our FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, and you can even get started before the game’s release.

The FUT 21 Web App should arrive on 17 September 2020 – a day before EA access drop for FIFA 21.

fut web app screenshot
HANDS ON – Get your new Ultimate Team at your fingertips before FIFA 21’s release

This gets you access to your brand new Ultimate Team up to nine days before FIFA 20 is released.

To read everything about FIFA 21, including release date, cover star, trailer, Career mode, Ultimate Team and more, head here.

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