FIFA 21 Trailer: Next-Gen, Inside Xbox, Release Date, Pre-Order, VOLTA, Graphics & more

With E3 cancelled, when can we see the next reveal of EA’s up and coming smash game?

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EA Play didn’t give too much away about FIFA 21, but we do now know some info around the release date, various editions and pre-orders.

The new game briefly featuring in a clip with Madden 21, but we’re yet to see an official trailer.


New Trailer at Inside Xbox?

Inside Xbox is a digital event that has Microsoft showcase some of the projects and games they’re working on.

Understandably, this has been tailored largely to next-gen as of late. But could we see a FIFA 21 trailer at the digital event?

While we have our fingers crossed. it’s unlikely, as it would appear to make more sense for EA themselves to reveal the trailer.

FIFA 21 Trailer for July?

It’s hard to say when EA will release the next trailer, or indeed, what the trailer will be for.

We have seen a calendar for “upcoming feature news” through the Pitch Notes in August.

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IN-DEPTH – EA will spill all the details on FIFA’s most popular game modes

There’s no mention of a trailer however, and with so much info coming in August, we expect that July will be the month when we get our first proper look at FIFA 21.

Next-Gen Teaser Trailer

It was a surprisingly quiet EA Play for FIFA 21, however we did get an EA Sports next-gen teaser.

“Feel Next Level” is seemingly EA’s catchphrase for their move onto the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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With some very exciting next-gen features confirmed for FIFA 21, perhaps we will ‘see next level’ in action fairly soon.


Trailer Release date

We expect EA to allow the hype around FIFA 21 to build before launching a full trailer, however we weren’t expecting to wait this long.

FLASHBACK: Last year’s gameplay trailer offered an in-depth look at new gameplay features

That said, with the release date now coming two weeks later than expected, there seems to be a shuffle in EA’s plans.

Remember, the football season was meant to have finished a few weeks ago, so a FIFA 21 reveal may only come as we approach the end of the campaign.

Pre-Orders Now Open

A trailer gives gamers a first taste of gameplay, but if you pre-order certain editions of FIFA 21, you’ll be granted three days early access to the full game!

fifa 21 ultimate edition 1
EARLY ACCESS: Pre-order the Ultimate Edition here to early access and a load of other extras

With pre-orders now open, there’s plenty of editions to choose from – check out our ultimate FIFA 21 pre-order guide here and guarantee yourself a copy on/before release!



It was brought in as EA’s showpiece new feature for FIFA 20 but in all honesty, it’s been a tad disappointing.

BACK TO THE STREETS: With last year’s focus on VOLTA, will EA have another surprise to unveil?

A new trailer for the street mode, perhaps with a more arcadey feel could get fans back onside on the recent feature.

Next Gen

The dire year that has been 2020 does hold some promise, with the Next Gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X set to go ahead as planned (fingers’ crossed!).

One piece of news to come out of EA Play was about FIFA 21 on next-gen.

FIFA announce huge news during EA Play
FREE UPGRADE: Players won’t have to buy FIFA 21 twice

If you buy FIFA 21 on Xbox One or PS4 you can get a free upgrade once the new hardware arrives.


One thing that is guaranteed to be showcased in a trailer is the game’s graphics.

It’s still early days to confirm exactly what FIFA 21 is going to look like, however, we do have some idea of the direction it is going based on what we’ve seen in FIFA 20.

mbappe fifa 21
FIRST LOOK – Kylian Mbappe features in the first FIFA 21 screenshot

Graphics in FIFA 20 were good, to say the least, and this was no doubt due to the powerful gameplay engine in use – Frostbite 3.

The game engine, created by DICE, was originally made for Battlefield and used extensively in first-person shooters.

If they end up using the same engine for FIFA 21 also, we should still expect a great looking game.

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When it comes to the ‘smoothness’ of gameplay, we could also be in for a treat. Both next-gen consoles claim to be able to run games in 60fps, with the Xbox Series X that it can run at up to 120fps in 8K!

If this is the case, we could the animation come alive like never before!

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