Cheapest 90-Rated Players in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Kane in FC 24

Kane in FC 24

At this late stage in FC 24, it’s handy to know the cheapest 90-rated players to use in Ultimate Team when completing SBCs. Right now, whilst the TOTS promo is in full flow, there are high-rated SBCs constantly being released and some of them, like Ronaldo and Abily.

Not only have we outlined the cheapest 90-rated players, but also how much a full squad will cost you - just in case you’re buying a squad entirely from scratch. Finding the cheapest way possible is crucial so you can keep as many coins as possible.

Cheapest 90-Rated Players in UT

Benzema in FC 24
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The recent promos, like TOTS, are going to cost a bit, but fortunately, it’s dragged the overall price of cards down a lot. There have never been more 90-rated cards available than there are now, and we’ve listed the cheapest ones in the table below:

Karim Benzema (Gold)
20,750 Coins
Harry Kane (Gold)
21,000 Coins
Thibaut Courtois (Gold)
21,250 Coins
Robert Lewandowski (Gold)
21,250 Coins
Lotte Wubben-Moy (TOTS)
21,250 Coins
Kenny Lala (TOTS Moments)
21,500 Coins
Julie Pasquereau (Fantasy FC)
21,750 Coins
Simon Banza (TOTS)
21,750 Coins
Rosemonde Kouassi (TOTS Moments)
22,000 Coins
Rose Lavelle (FUT Birthday)
23,000 Coins
Jurgen Kohler (Golazo Hero)
23,500 Coins

We will continue to update the above table between now and the end of the game, so you’re always ready to complete SBCs as they are released.

How Much Does a 90-Rated Squad Cost in FC 24?

If you’re buying a full squad of 90-rated players, it will set you back around 242,000 coins, which is still a lot, but considerably less than before TOTS began. Ideally, you won’t be buying a full squad but instead using the above players to fill some wholes and help bump you up to 90. It’s worth remembering higher rated cards will help raise the overall completely.

Note: Card prices courtesy of FUTBIN.

If you’re looking for more cheap players, we’ve already covered the most cost-effective 87 and 88-rated players.

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