Cheapest 88-Rated Players in FC 24

Bruno Fernandes FC 24

Bruno Fernandes FC 24

While you won't always care about the cheapest 88-rated players in FC 24 Ultimate Team, knowing who costs what can go a long way when it comes to saving time and money.

With the TOTS promo up and running, it can be an expensive period for Ultimate Team fans, so if you are trying to bolster your squad in the cheapest way possible, then this article is for you!

Cheapest 88-Rated Players in UT

Promos such as Team of the Season can severely drain your UT Coin and FC Points balance, and players often overpay for certain cards without even realizing it.

With that in mind, we've listed eleven of the cheapest 88-rated players available in the online game mode at the time of writing, so you no longer have to get ripped off when trying to complete those daily SBCs!

Christine Endler
9,300 Coins
Bruno Fernandes
9,400 Coins
Alexandra Popp
9,400 Coins
Irene Paredes
9,400 Coins
Bernardo Silva
9,500 Coins
Jan Oblak
9,500 Coins
Joshua Kimmich
9,500 Coins
Victor Osimhen
9,600 Coins
Guro Reiten
9,800 Coins
Patricia Guijarro
9,800 Coins
Antoine Griezmann
9,800 Coins
Antoine Griezmann in FC 24
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Antoine Griezmann

Despite many TOTS and Icon SBCs requiring 88-rated squads or higher, the price of 88-rated cards has still decreased by around 6,000 coins. However, they are often handed out in packs obtained by completing objectives and other daily rewards, so that could be a contributing factor.

Knowing the cheapest 88-rated players to buy in FC 24 Ultimate Team could come in handy when trying to build an ideal squad without breaking the bank, but if you need to complete some lower-rated squads instead, check out the cheapest 87-rated players too.

How Much Does an 88-Rated Squad Cost in FC 24?

It will roughly cost you 89.4K coins to build an 88-Rated Squad. To put that into perspective, it would've cost around 150,000 coins a month or so ago, but again, the TOTS promo has seen prices drop by 60K coins in recent weeks.

Whether it's all you can afford or you're attempting to submit teams for Squad Building Challenges, this list can prevent you from being caught out by overpriced items on the Ultimate Team market in the future.

Note: Card prices courtesy of FUTBIN.

What's the cheapest 88-rated squad you've been able to assemble so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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