NHL 22: Review, game mode guides, & all the latest HUT news

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NHL 22 has been out for nearly two months, and there's still plenty of action with massive HUT promos and competition elsewhere heating up as the NHL season pushes on.

To maximize your time on the ice, here are all of the latest NHL 22 news, updates, and guides to help you get started.

LATEST - NHL 22 Black Friday Deals available now

For those that haven't picked up NHL 22 just yet, there's never been a better time thanks to Black Friday!

That's because NHL 22 is currently on sale at a number of places with massive deals offering up to 55% off. Check out the best deals for your platform and edition of choice below:



Halloween Rivals spices things up in HUT 22

NHL 22 debuted a new Halloween promo for HUT this year, complete with some fantastic new card art showing some of hockey's arch-rivals facing off.

NHL 22 HUT Halloween Rivals cards
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LEGENDARY: To be the best, you have to beat the best

Check out all of the NHL 22 Halloween Rivals releases and which cards could make the difference for your HUT 22 squad here!

NHL 22 Release Date

NHL 22 arrived on October 15, 2021 - with early access and the EA Play Trial giving players an early look.

NHL 22 screenshot trailer
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HIT THE ICE: We finally know exactly when NHL 22 will arrive

As the first NHL game built to take advantage of next-gen consoles, the game was very well received.


NHL 22 can be a complicated game, and there's no shame in reaching out to learn more!

To catch up with NHL 22 either as an old fan or new, check out all our game mode and skill guides for this year's game below:


NHL 22 made some massive improvements across several game modes and general gameplay this year - including all platforms enjoying the Frostbite Engine for the first time in the series.

NHL 22 be a pro interview
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SOUND OFF: Critics around the world have weighed in on the quality of NHL 22

With all things considered, our RealSport rating for NHL 22 was 4/5 stars.

Check out our full review of NHL 22 here to see our extended breakdown!


EA kicked off the NHL 22 action with the hype official reveal trailer.

In an extra exciting twist, the upgrade to the Frostbite Engine will be across all platforms and not a next gen exclusive. And you can see it in action in the NHL 22 Gameplay Trailer below!

Cover Athlete

For the second time in his illustrious career, Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs is the official cover athlete for the EA Sports NHL series.

Matthews was first picked to be the face of NHL 20, and now he has returned as the cover star of NHL 22 as well.

NHL 22 cover Auston Matthews
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THE STAR: Auston Matthews will be the face of NHL 22

It's a major nod to Matthews, who is arguably one of the biggest stars in the NHL today, and he looks absolutely fantastic in the reveal trailer.

Platforms, Price, and Pre Order

NHL 22 is set to launch worldwide for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 on October 15, 2021.

Unfortunately, there isn't a PC release, so PC gamers will have to go without the NHL mainstay once again.

Two editions of NHL 22 are available: the Standard Edition and X-Factor Edition, with the latter offering Dual Entitlement to provide the game on current gen and next gen counterpart consoles.

The NHL 22 Standard Edition is $59.99 on Xbox One and PS4, but bumps to $69.99 for Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

The NHL 22 X-Factor Edition is avaialble for $99.99, and it comes with Dual Entitlement, and a series of in-game rewards.

If you're ready to order the game now, you can use the following links (including discounted options for EA Play members):

Microsoft Store


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