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NHL 22 is ready to body check into next gen

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NHL 22 is targeting a release date in 2021, and excitement is starting to build for the next installment in the premiere hockey gaming series.

Here's everything we know so far about NHL 22.


Latest - E3 2021 coming this weekend

While we should get some news at EA Play Live next month, we could also see EA Sports drop some news during E3 2021 this weekend.

As of now, EA and EA Sports are not on the E3 2021 schedule, but they could be keeping things under wraps to make a surprising announcement.

Check out more details here on some of the EA Sports titles that could get some major news at E3 2021.

NHL 22 Release Date

While the NHL 22 release date is to be determined, we can assume the game will be coming around September if it keeps on track with other releases from the series.

That gives us plenty of time to enjoy NHL 21, but also plenty of time to get excited about what changes EA has in store.

If you're wondering whether NHL 21 is worth buying to play until NHL 22 arrives, check out our NHL 21 review here.

NHL 22 Gameplay Expectations

NHL 21 was an experience that carried over the next gen consoles but didn't offer a next gen version.

NHL 22 release date trailer cover star gameplay
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INNOVATION: NHL 21 made some big changes, and its time for NHL 22 to go further

We expect NHL 22 will be optimized for next gen consoles.

Along with this, we expect NHL 22 will give some attention to game modes that NHL 21 didn't innovate as much as others, which would include Franchise Mode, World of Chel, and more.


The first thing we can expect to see about NHL 22 during its development is an Announcement or Reveal Trailer.

NHL 22 Trailers Reveal Cover Star Gameplay
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THE BIG REVEAL: NHL had some awesome trailers showing cover star Ovechkin in action

This would hopefully give players an NHL 22 release date, and maybe even reveal its cover star!

This should come a couple months before release, so we'd expect this to start around July.

HUT 21 is still keeping things fun in NHL 21 until the next installment arrives, so check out all the details on NHL 21 Ultimate Team here.

Cover Star

There are plenty of talented young prospects in hockey, and veterans that are showing up big time and time again.

NHL 22 Cover Star Trailer Gameplay Release Date
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SHOOT YOUR SHOT: Ovechkin secured the NHL 21 cover spot as a legend of the game, but a young player could be up next

And while NHL series games have regional cover stars that let fans celebrate their local heroes, one player still receives most of the cover glory (with NHL 21 picking Alexander Ovechkin).

This means the NHL 22 cover star will be a product of spirited debate until his reveal.

Some names that fans want to see as NHL 22 cover star include Connor McDavid, Nathan MacKinnon, and Leon Draisaitl.

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