NHL 22 Be A Pro Beginner's Guide: Tips to Dominate Career Mode

NHL 22 Be A Pro challenges players to create their own NHL star chart a path towards a legacy that will never be forgotten.

With so many different factors to consider, our NHL 22 Be A Pro Beginner's Guide has all the tips and details you need to dominate career mode.

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NHL 22: Be A Pro Beginner's Guide & Tips

When you start your Be A Pro career in NHL 22, the first dilemma you face after deciding whether to use your own name or make one up is which position you'll play.

Your play style will vary quite a bit based on position and the eventual Archetype you choose, but players that are unsure are best going with Center, Left Wing, or Right Wing.

NHL 22
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START WITH THE NAME: That's where your agent starts, and so will you

These will put you on offense and in position to score most often, but if you know hockey you can also take a different path and challenge yourself on Defense.

Finally keep in mind that if you choose Goalie, that will shape your play entirely and you'll be confined to the net and spending the most amount of time per game on the ice.

Player Creation is largely up to you, but it's good to spend some time going through the various settings so you can find all the little ways to make your player unique.

What Archetype should you choose in NHL 22?

This is the first big question you'll find yourself up against after choosing a position, and the Archetypes provided will vary based on position.

Read over the descriptions of the Archetypes you have to choose from, as they give you a good idea of how each will play, and make sure the Archetype's strengths are the kinds of play you most want to focus on.

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BARNBURNER: Tear the rink down with as many goals as possible

There aren't really any wrong choices for Archetypes, but new players may find the most fun in a shot-heavy one like Sniper or something more balanced like Two-Way.

While they highlight a particular X-Factor with each player, the ones you unlock may vary based on how your career goes, so don't expect to start with or get that X-Factor right away.

How to pick your team in Be A Pro

After choosing your Archetype, the next big decision will be whether you start your Be A Pro journey with the CHL's Memorial Cup, head to Europe, or go straight to the NHL.

The biggest thing to keep in mind here is that the only way to choose which NHL team you end up on to go straight to the NHL and bypass the draft.

NHL 22 Be A Pro Tips
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START IN THE NHL: It's the only way to choose your team

There is some fun early story with either the Europe or CHL's Memorial Cup paths, but you aren't losing too much by skipping them, especially if you want your player on your favorite team.

If you choose either other option, your performance during those early games will influence your draft stock and which team ends up selecting you.

Becoming a starter and upgrading your player

The biggest thing you need to do in order to be a starter and stay on the ice is play well. Be careful about over promising, and try to deliver when you have clear goals.

Make sure to spend your Trait Points when they're accumulated to upgrade various aspects of your player and career.

As you earn more money, take some time to also review some of the many Salary Perks, which offer a variety of upgrades and ratings bonuses.

NHL 22 Be A Pro Guide
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GROOVE TIME: Let this studio boost your Puck Control, somehow

You can find a full list here of all the Salary Perks in NHL 22 and their various bonuses, as well as what each will cost you.

In the end, don't get too wrapped into the nuances of player stats early on as that will develop over time, and if things go awry early you can always start a new career.

How to ask for a trade in Be A Pro

If things are going relatively well in Be A Pro but you aren't happy with your location, there is a way to get to another team.

However, it's not one that's extremely reliable, and it's something that comes with a decent amount of risk.

Once fully into the season, you'll see a conversation option pop up early where you can approach the GM at basically any time and ask for a trade.

NHL 22 Be A Pro how to ask for a trade
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ROOKIES STAY: You won't be able to beg for a trade right away

You'll have to persuade the GM, and failure will cause you to lose Primary Line Score, Management Likeability, and Teammate Likeability.

The request usually fails, but even if it succeeds your options on where to land may be restricted, so don't expect to lean on this.

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