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NHL 22 trailer may follow up the Madden 22 reveal

NHL 21 is still pushing on with regular roster updates and smaller patches, but the real attention is on NHL 22.

Here's everything we know so far about NHL 22, and what we can expect to see leading up to launch.

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Latest - Madden 22 revealed in new trailer, and NHL 22 could be next

EA have struck big with their first major sports reveal of 2021, Madden 22.

Madden 22 Reveal Trailer EA
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GAME WINNING DRIVE: EA have revealed big things for Madden 22, and NHL 22 may be next!

Madden 22 kicked off with a massive reveal trailer, and EA didn't waste any time revealing the rest of the biggest info about the game either!

EA revealed the Madden 22 release date, editions, cover athletes, game modes, new gameplay features, and even opened up pre orders.

With the expected NHL 22 release date landing in late September, it makes sense that we'll soon get a reveal for the hockey franchise, which could come at the upcoming EA Play Live on July 22nd.


NHL 22 Reveal Trailer

The first major NHL 22 trailer we expect to see is the official reveal trailer. This trailer would likely reveal the game’s release date and cover star.

Last year, the official reveal trailer landed on Monday, August 24, 2020, but that was because the game was released later due to development obstacles brought on by the pandemic.

Capitals' Winger Alexander Ovechkin celebrates in NHL 21
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COVER REVEAL: EA Sports announced Alex Ovechkin as the cover athlete during last year's reveal trailer.

The reveal trailer should be released around the time of EA Play Live on July 22. This makes sense as the game typically releases in mid September and the reveal trailer tends to come out a couple months before. EA Play Trial and a game demo should be released along with this trailer.

Other trailers should follow, such as last year when we saw trailers for gameplay and Be a Pro mode in the months after the official reveal trailer.


Gameplay Trailer

We could see a unique gameplay trailer for NHL 22 this year, but NHL 22 released its gameplay trailer almost two months after the reveal trailer.

The game play trailer for NHL 21 came out on September 17, 2020. This was almost four weeks before the game came out on October 13, 2020.

We may also get to look ahead at other modes with trailers for Hockey Ultimate Team, Franchise Mode, or World of Chel, but only time will tell.

Next Gen Trailer

Last year, EA Sports didn’t drop a specific Next Gen trailer for NHL 21.

Since it’s been another year with Next Gen consoles, it feels more likely that there could be a trailer specific to Next gen platforms.

Golden Knights' Goaltender Marc Andre Fleury makes a sensational save in NHL 21. The game shows the ice swirling in the air.
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LOOK: NHL 22's next gen graphics could reach crazy new levels.

Exactly how NHL 22 continues to capitalize on and utilize Next Gen technology remains to be seen, but if there is a Next Gen trailer it will surely have great insight into that.

Be a Pro Trailer

Last year, NHL 21 completely revamped career mode with Be a Pro mode. However, even more changes are likely in the works for NHL 22.

The St Louis Blues hold the Stanley Cup after winning their final playoff series.
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MAKE YOUR OWN CAREER: Be a Pro mode could get even better after being launched in NHL 21.

NHL 21 had its own Be a Pro trailer that was released on October 1, 2020 which was nearly two weeks before the game came.

Since the game mode isn’t as new as it was last year, it’s unclear if NHL 22 will have a trailer specific to Be a Pro mode.

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