NHL 22 Scoring Guide: Tips to improve your Shooting and win more games

NHL 22 is finally here, and there's no surprise that the number one thing players want to do is score more goals.

We'll be taking a look in this NHL 22 Scoring Guide at the methods that will work best this year, the kinds of shots you need to work on to have the best shooting around.

NHL 22 Scoring Guide: Shooting Tips

While there are several different aspects to getting better at NHL 22, in the end you can't win games if you're not scoring.

No matter how good your defense is, shooting has to be good enough to give you the lead if you're hoping to succeed.

First, let's outline a few tips that you need to keep in mind as you're improving your shooting in NHL 22.

'You miss 100% of the shot you don't take'

Not to be too on the nose and drop the classic Wayne Gretzky quote, but you're never gonna score if you're not taking shots.

This is extra crucial in NHL 22 because even missed shots can set you up to score, as rebounds are often easier to slip into the net than the initial shot.

NHL 22 Scoring Guide Tips Shooting
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DON'T BE AFRIAD: Take the shots even when you're unsure, you'll be surprised

If you're playing in a Player Locked mode like Be A Pro, you can find significant success by just throwing the puck at the net frequently and hoping your teammates catch the rebound and score.

If you're playing elsewhere, the rebounds can still create a spot where the second shot will go in, and even the shot you think can't work could go in the net.

Puck cycling creates openings for one-timers

One thing many players have been noticing with NHL 22 is that puck cycling on the perimeter is more effective than ever before.

Adjustments were made to defensive AI this year, and as such you'll have to update your strategy to keep the puck moving.

Frequent passes are more likely to draw players out of position, and this can set up one your own for a much more manageable goal than if you'd not been cycling the puck.

While any goal type pairs with this, it's especially effective with one-timers where you shoot the second the pass arrive rather than trying to get into another position after receiving the pass.

Glitch Goals in NHL 22

There are inevitably going to be certain goals and strategies that work more often than others, and that's back in NHL 22.

While nothing is 100% guaranteed to work, there are a few practices referred to as Glitch Goals because of their relative consistent success compared to other methods.

Here, we'll outline two primary glitch goals that are still in NHL 22:

Far Side Wrap / Behind The Net

This one isn't hard to find online, and chances are if you've played online someone has already done it to you.

Called by different names, some refer to it as the Far Side Wrap, this simple but effective strategy hinges on going around Behind The Net and using the Protect Puck mechanic.

NHL 22 Controls
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OFFENSE: These controls fit the default Skill Stick scheme

As you go behind the net, press A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation) to protect the puck, and this will draw the goalie to the side you're moving towards.

NHL 22 Scoring
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AROUND THE BACK: See the goalie's position, keep protecting until you're more in front of the net and take your shot

You have to keep holding the button and keep protecting the puck as you pull back in front, and you'll have an opening on the far side of the net to shoot the puck into.

The Datsyuk Flip / Backhand Drag Shot

The other most common goal that has significant success is The Datsyuk Flip, innovated by Pavel Datsyuk and a league favorite since he scored it in 2010.

It's also been known as the Backhand Drag Shot, and when in position it will actually lift the puck up and sort of toss or flip it over the goalie and into the net behind him.

In order to execute the move, click the Right Stick (or R3) and then move the Right Stick down into the 6 o' clock position before tapping R1 or RB to flip the puck up into the net.

Your positioning will be key, so practice to understand how this one works, but it's a very effective option to keep you scoring in NHL 22.

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