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NHL 22 will be back on the ice for PS4

NHL 22 is gearing up to bring the long standing hockey game into a new era in 2021 on next gen, but the game needs an upgrade on PS4.

Despite the fact that the title is growing on next gen platforms, here's everything you need to know about NHL 22 on PS4.

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NHL 22 Reveal Trailer

At the moment, there's not much information about NHL 22, but that won't be the case in the next couple months when the game is officially announced.

Bruins centre Patrice Bergeron lines up to take a face off at center ice in NHL 22.
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NEW INFORMATION: Fans will learn a lot more about NHL 22 when the reveal trailer drops.

Players will first get a glimpse of NHL 22 when the reveal trailer is released. NHL 21's development and release was delayed because of COVID-19 complication, and the reveal trailer dropped on Monday, August 24, 2020.

But, in the years prior the reveal trailer came out in the middle of June.

EA will probably release the reveal trailer after EA Play Live on July 22. The reveal trailer always comes out a couple months before the game, and EA Play Live lines up with that trend. Also, an EA Play Trial and a game demo should be dropped simultaneously with the trailer.


Release Date on PS4

So far, there isn't a release date established for NHL 22, but we can predict when that could be based on past years.

As mentioned above, NHL 21's development was delayed because of the pandemic so the game didn't release until October 13, 2020.

Although, before the pandemic the game typically came out in mid September. With that, we can anticipate NHL 22 releasing around the time of September 10, 2021.

Price on PS4

With next gen versions of the title boasting improved graphics and enticing new features, current gen will likely remain at its typical price.

Penguins players celebrate a goal in NHL 22.
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USUAL COST: NHL 22 will stay at its standard price for current gen users.

NHL 22 will likely cost $70 on next gen, but the price should be at the usual $60 for current gen players.

NHL 22 on PS4 will also cost more for special editions of the game. Fans can expect those editions to be priced somewhere between $70 and $80.


NHL 22 Pre Order

NHL 22 on PS4 isn't available to be pre ordered just yet, and that shouldn't change for over a month.

Last year's pre orders went up on July 21, 2020 but that obviously later than it should've been because of development delays. We do know that pre orders won't be available until the confirmed editions and cover athlete are made official.

However, fans can look forward to EA Play Live on July 22 as a possible date for pre orders to go live. As many details about the game should be announced at that event, players should make sure to follow EA Play Live.

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