NHL 22 plans to be a hit on Xbox Series X|S

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We're getting ever closer to the release of NHL 22, and fans can now start playing the game thanks to the EA Play Trial.

We now also know that there will be different editions available and EA can put all of their next gen features on full display when they launch NHL 22 on Xbox Series X|S.

UPDATED - EA Play Trial is LIVE

If you can't wait for the release of NHL 22 then you're in luck, the 10-hour full game trial is now live on EA Play.

Pre Order NHL 22 TODAY!

There have been plenty of reveals this week, much to the excitement of NHL 22 fans.

One of the most recent updates is that you can now pre order the NHL 22 Xbox Series X|S version and all the other versions as well. There are two editions to choose from, each of which comes with a different price point.

An image from NHL 22 featuring Auston Matthews
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SKATE AWAY: NHL 22 looks to awe players on Xbox Series X|S

We've actually got some links to help you pre order NHL 22. You'll want to make sure that you pay attention to the edition you pre order as well, considering each of them offers different rewards.

Microsoft Store


NHL 22 Reveal Trailer

Our first look at NHL 22 came by way of a reveal trailer that debuted on Thursday, August 19, 2021. This is the first glimpse of many to come of the next installment of the franchise.

There's a slight chance that we might see what new features could come to NHL 22 Xbox Series X|S in the future as well.

Considering this is our first peek at the game, we decided to go over everything that was revealed in this two-minute-long trailer.

To learn everything about what was revealed Thursday, follow this link!

What Next Gen Players Can Expect

When we see the NHL 22 Xbox Series X version of the game, players can expect some insane graphics. It will be the title's first next gen game, meaning there will be features created just for it.

We can expect that NHL 22 will follow Madden 22 in having specific features made especially for next gen consoles.

An image of the covers for NHL 22 featuring Auston Matthews
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THE COVER: Auston Matthews returns as the NHL 22 cover athlete!

For now, we'll have to hold on for more news surrounding the next gen features of the game. Next gen players should still be excited though, as EA is delivering on promises of next gen exclusive features.

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