NHL 22: PS5 series debut available now with EA Play Trial

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NHL 22 is introducing the first next-gen exclusive version of the game this year, and you can try it out on PS5 now thanks to the EA Play Trial!

Taking advantage of next gen tech, NHL 22 already looks fantastic on PS5 - here's all the latest news and info you need ahead of launch, as well as how to get playing today.

And if you still need to secure your copy of NHL 22, don't forget to pre order here before launch day for some great next gen rewards!

LATEST - EA Play Trial Available Now on PS5

PS5 players won't have to wait for early access to try out NHL 22, the first game of the series with an edition designed specifically for next gen consoles.

This is thanks to the EA Play Trial, which gives players 10 hours of unlimited access to the game, including HUT and World of Chel!

Learn how to play NHL 22 on PS5 now thanks to the EA Play Trial here.

Release Date

We finally have a release date for NHL 22, the official release date is October 15, 2021, and it will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5 that day.

An image of the Pittsburgh Pirates in NHL 22
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HIT THE ICE: Skate into the future on next gen in NHL 22

To get ahead of the curve though, players can also get 3 days of early access by preordering special editions of NHL 22, and can even try the game out for 10 hours now thanks to the EA Play Trial!

Price on PS5

Next gen versions of the title will have better graphics, cool new features, and improved game modes, so prepare for a steeper price on those consoles.

Kings defensemen handles the puck in NHL 22.
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PAY FOR AN IMPROVED GAME: Next gen fans will likely pay $70 for their copy of NHL 22.

The current gen version should carries the usual $59.99 price tag for the Standard Edition The next gen Standard Edition costs $69.99.

NHL 22 on PS5 is priced significantly higher for the X-Factor Edition of the title.

The X-Factor Edition costs $99.99 but comes with a ton of rewards if you pre order. If you're looking to find out the rewards that come along with the pre order for each edition, check them out here!

NHL 22 Pre Order

NHL 22 on PS5 is now available for pre order! With the release date set for October 15, 2021, placing a pre order of the X Factor Edition will get you three days of Early Access.

We expect to find out more in regards to gameplay when the Closed Technical Test goes live, hopefully at the end of the month.

We have some links you can use if you're looking to pre order NHL 22 already, some of these have discounted rates as well for EA Play members.

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