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MLB The Show 20 is finally here. Those with early access got a head start, but just after release, the rest of the pack is starting to catch up.

Baseball season is on hold due to coronavirus, but you can get your fix of action in MLB The Show 20.

SIE San Diego had their work cut out to top last year's game, which was widely regarded as the best among the big four sports games.

So what can you expect from the new release? Keep reading to find out and check out our review here!

Here is everything you need to know about MLB The Show 20.

Release date

The game is now out exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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You can purchase physical copies from all major game retailers, or buy it online through the PlayStation Store.


MLB The Show 20 editions
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PRE-ORDER: There are plenty of options when it comes to pre-ordering The Show 20

Boy are there a lot of editions!

You can get the Standard Edition for $59.99 and enoy the excellent game, but with the bigger editions come a few nice extras!

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You can also purchase the MVP Edition, the 15th Anniversary Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition, where you can get more bang for your buck.

Gameplay & review

The gameplay of MLB The Show is always good, and this year is no different.

SIE San Diego have shown off some of the updates to MLB The Show 20's gameplay.

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A new PCI and the introduction of "perfect-perfect" swing timing & PCI position creates more rewards for hitters.

There are also additions to fielding. An extreme catch indicator gives players the chance to try a diving catch or play it safe. New first step animations create a difference between elite outfielders and the sluggers that try to hide in the corners!

For more information on the gameplay you can read our review!

Graphics Comparisons

MLB The Show 20 took another big leap in improving graphics.

Animations and textures are also massively improved, adding to a seriously impressive and realistic experience.

graphics comparison
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BATTER GRAPHICS: Player renderings are just one of the host of new improvements this year

Key new features

There are a ton of new features this year.

You can now take on your friends for the World Series in custom leagues. These come with flexible schedules and the option to play with real rosters or your Diamond Dynasty squad.

Now for the first time, MLB The Show will include full Minor League rosters! This means top prospects are now in the game, making rebuilding your favorite team more realistic and fun.

This is an enormous addition in both franchise mode and March to October.

While you won't be able to create an expansion franchise in MLB The Show 20, you will have some options to change the face of baseball by relocating and rebranding any ball club you want.

A new game mode

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FRESH CHALLENGE: Test yourself against the best

There is now a new game mode inside of Diamond Dynasty!

In Showdown you will start with a 10-round draft to pick your superstars and then take on challenges. Work your way through epic comebacks and tough situations to earn massive rewards.

Best players

It is no surprise to say that Mike Trout gets a max 99 OVR rating.

However, the Angels outfielder is not alone. Nolan Arenado, Jacob deGrom, and Max Scherzer have also pulled a max rating this year!

To see all the best players in Franchise Mode, RTTS, and March To October head here.


Not too much has changed on the mound this year.

You will need to keep on top of stats changes to players so you don't go throwing meatballs over the plate though.

You can see our tips on how to master pitching here.


There have been a few changes to how the hitting works.

The PCI is a little different this year, and there is more reward for lining up your PCI and timing the swing.

The new perfect-perfect measure creates optimum contact & power when everything is on point, but it also means you are more harshly punished for a mistimed swing.

You can learn more about how to improve your hitting here.

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