MLB The Show 20 New Features; Perfect-Perfect, Hitting and Pitching Improvements, Legends and More!

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MLB The Show 20's release date is slowly but surely approaching us, the star baseball game for the PS4 is once again looking to dominate the market.

It feels like forever now since MLB The Show has had competition in the baseball market, but they still consistently improved their games year after year.

Earlier today was the first developer live stream for MLB The Show; the first one was all about defense. They showcased all the new animations and new meters we will be able to use come release date; this live stream was all about perfection.

Let's take a look at what we learned from the next live stream!

New Legends! - Trio of Pitchers

New Legends
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THE BIG THREE - The trio of Atlanta Braves Hall of Famers will now be legends in the game.

The retired baseball players that are available within the game have become some of the most popular topics among The Show fans. With over 130 legends in last years iteration, they have announced they will be adding many more this year. They even teased one towards the end of the first live stream and have announced some new ones for this year.

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The Atlanta Braves big three of Hall of Fame pitchers have been announced as brand new legends for MLB The Show 20. Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Tom Glavine will all be available come release date.

As well they also noted that their main focus of legends for MLB The Show 20 is players from the 1980s-1990s, keep your eye out for future streams!


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CENTER - The newest addition to the PCI is the perfect-perfect within the center

This is revamped PCI for MLB The Show 20, the center one is gathered to the perfect-perfect mechanic that we will touch on later. This takes into effect all your batting statistics along with your batter's vision to see how well your PCI is!

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They also showcased the different colors and customization options you have with the revamped PCI. The standard one is the yellow one pictured above, there are numerous customization options as well.


Perfect Perfect
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PERFECT - This will be one of the key features for MLB The Show 20

One of the biggest changes for this year, is the developers focus on user skill interface with the outcome of the game; having reliance on players choices and skill to determine the outcome of the game.

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Perfect-Perfect does not always guarantee a hit as they stated, if you do get the hit you will probably get the most power should you make contact with the ball. There is now more focus on the batter this year than any other year; they want to reward you the player for dedication to improving your batting.


One of the new aspects that have been implemented this year, is the further capability for players to throw their signature fast patches. They noted they now have the animations in order to have pitchers throw their 100mph plus pitches all the time.

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This is something they will be updating over the course of the regular season, should a pitcher average high mph for their signature pitches.

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