MLB The Show 20: Minor League rosters will be in new game - real propsects, full trade abilities

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Until this year, getting full minor league rosters in MLB The Show was tough.

You could find a few actual players in the minor league system, a handful of big-name prospects were floating around but not all of them.

To get them you had to download a roster update that members of the community had spent hours upon hours constructing, and that's no fun.

Now, full minor league rosters are officially coming to MLB The Show 20 when it comes out on 17 March 2020.

Good news for bad teams

Baseball teams often rely on their minor league stars to drive their team forward in the long run.

It's how the Houston Astros got to the World Series (one of the ways anyway) and is how small market teams attempt to compete with the financial muscle in Los Angeles and New York.

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The lack of fully faithful minor league rosters in previous versions of The Show meant franchise mode was a slog with the likes of Baltimore and the White Sox, as those franchises have their eyes firmly set down the road when a stocked farm system starts bearing fruit.

This trailer dropped today and includes former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow mashing a homer for the Mets farm system.

This is an enormous edition for both franchise mode and Road To The Show players. The latter game mode was filled with fake players that decreased the realism of your journey up to the Big Leagues.

In franchise mode it means you can wheel and deal on the trade market with much more certainty about what you are getting back. It doesn't mean you can just throw away star players like the Red Sox though.

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