MLB The Show 20: The best players in Franchise Mode – Mike Trout, Jacob deGrom & more

These players will be key to your successful quest for the World Series in any game mode.

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mlb the show 20 ratings release date ovr

Baseball season may be on hold, but MLB The Show 20 is finally available on PS4!

With a raft of new features and gameplay tweaks, you can see our review of the new game here.

With a new game comes a new set of ratings.

Only a handful were released before the game hit the shelves.

So who are the best players in MLB The Show 20?

Keep reading to find out!

These players are available in off-line modes. So that means Franchise Mode, Road To The Show, and March To October.

Diamond Dynasty has it’s own set of ratings for players thanks to its card-game nature.

Mike Trout (99 OVR)

mlb show 20 mike trout

Where to start but with Mike Trout. Baseball’s best player has the maximum 99 overall rating to go along with his three MVP awards.

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Trout brings 99 plate discipline and 99 power vs righties too. Along with that he has 90 clutch, 90 contact vs righties, and 88 power vs lefties. Away from the plate he is deadly too with 89 arm strength, 85 fielding, and 83 speed.

Nolan Arenado (99 OVR)

mlb show 20 nolan arenado

Coloardo’s third baseman also gets the max rating for another year.

Nolan Arenado brings perfect 99 power & 99 contact vs lefties to the plate. He also has 99 clutch, and 99 reaction in the field.

Max Scherzer (99 OVR)

mlb show 20 max scherzer

Washington’s veteran starter Max Scherzer scores a max 99 OVR too.

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His 99 K/9 is all you need to know about how deadly he is on the mound. With 93 stamina, 87 break, and a five-pitch repertoire he is a nightmare to face.

Jacob deGrom (99 OVR)

mlb show 20 jacob degrom

The final 99 OVR player is the back-to-back National League Cy Young winner Jacob deGrom.

The Mets ace owns 98 velocity, 93 stamina, and 92 K/9 along with five pitches to punch out the competition.

Cody Bellinger (98 OVR)

mlb show 20 cody bellinger

The first of two elite Dodger outfielder, the reigning National League MVP checks in with a 98 OVR.

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Cody Bellinger has 99 arm strength, 92 reaction, and 90 fielding to be deadly with the glove. At the plate his 91 discipline, 88 power vs righties and 85 power vs lefties means he can crush.

Mookie Betts (98 OVR)

mlb show 20 mookie betts

LA’s latest star came over in the winter from Boston. Former American League MVP Mookie Betts adds his elite talent to the Dodgers outfield.

Betts is a stellar outfielder, with 99 reaction, 99 arm accuracy, and 97 fielding. At the plate he has 96 clutch, 92 discipline, and good contact skill with 84 vs lefties and 82 against righties.

Anthony Rendon (97 OVR)

mlb show 20 anthony rendon

Another player on a new team, Anthony Rendon brings his talent and World Series ring to LA.

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His 99 clutch, 93 contact vs righties, 91 contact vs lefties, and 90 power vs lefties makes him deadly at the plate. He can field well too, with 81 reaction and 73 fielding.

Alex Bregman (97 OVR)

mlb show 20 alex bregman

The Houston Astros may be embroiled in a cheating scandal, but they also have good players.

Alex Bregman has perfect 99 contact vs lefties along with 97 discipline and 95 durability. He also has 81 reactions and 76 arm strength in the field.

Ronald Acuna Jr (97 OVR)

mlb show 20 ronald acuna

The Atlanta Braves young star is next up. Ronald Acuna comes in with a strong 97 OVR.

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With 96 arm strength and 96 accuracy you shouldn’t try running on him. Acuna has 95 durability along with 89 clutch. At the plate he has 88 power against lefties and 77 contact against both righties and lefties.

Justin Verlander (96 OVR)

mlb show 20 justin verlander

The #2 pitcher in MLB The Show 20 goes to Astros veteran Justin Verlander.

His 99 break is paired with 91 K/9 and 91 stamina to make a dangerous pitcher. His five-pitch repertoire will keep hitters off balance.

All the best players in MLB The Show 20

Player Position Team Age OVR
Mike Trout CF Los Angeles Angels 28 99
Nolan Arenado 3B Colorado Rockies 28 99
Max Scherzer SP Washington Nationals 35 99
Jacob deGrom SP New York Mets 31 99
Cody Bellinger RF Los Angeles Dodgers 24 98
Mookie Betts RF Los Angeles Dodgers 27 98
Anthony Rendon 3B Los Angeles Angels 29 97
Alex Bregman 3B Houston Astros 26 97
Ronald Acuna Jr CF Atlanta Braves 22 97
Justin Verlander SP Houston Astros 37 96
Gerrit Cole SP New York Yankees 29 95
Clayton Kershaw SP Los Angeles Dodgers 32 94
Stephen Strasburg SP Washington Nationals 31 94
Aaron Judge RF New York Yankees 27 94
Kris Bryant 3B Chicago Cubs 28 93
Trevor Story SS Colorado Rockies 27 93
Matt Chapman 3B Oakland Athletics 26 92
Ozzie Albies 2B Atlanta Braves 23 92
JT Realmuto C Philadelphia Phillies 29 92
Javier Baez SS Chicago Cubs 27 92
Christian Yelich RF Milwaukee Brewers 28 92

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