FIFA 20 Volta: How to score goals in the brand new street mode – placement, timing, power & build-up play

Volta Football has been a superb new addition to the FIFA franchise, with the mode a throwback to the FIFA Street series that went down a hit with fans.

Although not as arcade as Street, Volta visuals are incredible, but does feel a lot harder than its predecessor.

Skill moves are harder to time, shooting is manual, and the goals are smaller making it very difficult to find the back of the net – especially when playing with goalkeepers.

Fear not, RealSport is on hand to make sure you bury your chances every single time.

Know your range

Even when playing ‘rush’ (without goalkeepers), it is
foolish to think you can score an open goal from anywhere on the park.

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BE PATIENT: Hold onto the ball and walk it in

As announced in a previous Title Update patch, EA have already made it harder to score from inside your own half. Remain patient and get towards the final third before even thinking about having a pop.

Power or placement?

When playing with goalies, goals can only be scored once in that final third. The biggest adjustment you will find when playing with ‘keepers is power on your shots.

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In rush, your shots almost have to go along the floor, so either go for lower power on your shots, or go bold with a low driven effort (L1 + R1 + O / LB + RB + B) to fire it into the net.

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FLASH DRIVE: The low driven shot is clinical

You have more range when playing against a goalkeeper, but
this does allow you to put more power on your shots, especially with the
‘keeper taking up most of the goal.

With a heavier ball in Volta Football, there is less chance of skying the ball, so don’t be afraid to put your foot through it.

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That is just the basics, as you can always opt for the other types of shot on offer. This includes the low driven, as well as a finesse effort – but still use plenty of power to beat the ‘keeper.

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HIT THEM WITH FINESSE: Be ice cool by stroking the ball into the corner

Unfortunately, there is no timed finishing in Volta Football to separate the men from the boys.

Can I not just pass it in?

Anyone who has played five-a-side football will know that a
popular tactic is to eliminate the goalkeeper by playing a low ball across the
goal mouth for a teammate to tap-in. This is a popular method used by Premier
League champions Manchester City.

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STRAIGHT FIRE: There's no stopping a volley from 5 yards

However, with the pitches so small on Volta, the goalkeeper
will often get across the goal to make the save, even if it looks like a sure

Ways of getting around this include playing a driven low or aerial pass (R1 + X or ▢ / RB + A or X) across the goalmouth, or performing a dummy shot to put the keeper on his backside.

You're now set to take the Volta world by storm.

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