MLB The Show 20 Gameplay: New fielding mechanics, extreme catch, perfect-perfect, PCI, livestreams, and features explained in new trailer

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Fans and critics alike were extremely impressed with last year's offering, so hopes are high for the next instalment in the franchise.

The new game, MLB The Show 20 is now out for those with early access!

That means some players are getting their hands on lots of new features. To see how they work you can read our review here!

The baseball season may be on hold for now, but you can get your fix of action in the new game!

You can find out everything you need to know about MLB The Show 20 here.

The gameplay was superb last year, but improvements are expected with each new release.

So what can SIE San Diego do to up the gameplay in MLB The Show 20?

Fielding mechanics

A fielder waits for the ball in MLB The Show
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LINING UP THE BALL: Fielding can be tricky

Fielding is often the forgotten part of baseball, but it looks like it will be the focus of The Show 20.

Last year's fielding mechanics were solid, but they were far from perfect. Diving catches were an impossibility, while camera angles made chasing down fly balls tricky.

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The latest trailer showed off a new mechanic for diving catches. By no means does it look easy, but the fielding should be more accessible and predictable.

The addition of collisions between fielders should be added too. It is a real life risk on fly balls and would bring that extra touch of realism, and fun, to fielding.


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TIMING: It's too easy to survive with bad timing in The Show 19

A lot has been said about the hitting window. Too often in The Show 19 would a swing that is labeled "too early" or "too often" make contact and extend an at-bat.

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Maybe this is acceptable at lower levels of difficulty, but when the experienced player bumps up the opposition it would be nice to see poorly timed swings truly punished.

This has been combated with the "perfect-perfect" mechanic.

Perfect-perfect does not always guarantee a hit, if you do get the hit you will probably get the most power should you make contact with the ball. There is now more focus on the batter this year than any other year; they want to reward you the player for dedication to improving your batting.

Closed beta

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ACE: Players are eager to step onto the mound in The Show 20

MLB The Show 20's beta is done now, and feedback has been strong.

The beta allowed players to experience three online multiplayer modes – Events, Battle Royale, and Play with Friends – along with The Show’s Diamond Dynasty mode against the CPU.

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There is a very strict restriction on sharing content so the wider audience won't get to see the new gameplay. Which brings us to...


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SCHEDULE: This is when you can hear all the new features

There are plenty of livestreams across the next month that will detail updates and new features.

We have already seen perfect-perfect detailed and the new fielding mechanics. What else will they have in store for us?

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