MLB The Show 20: Custom Leagues: Beat your friend in the World Series

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We all love playing games with our friends, but the best thing of all is beating our friends.

As MLB The Show 20 approaches we are hearing more and more about the latest release from SIE San Diego's amazing baseball franchise.

Regularly playing host to the best gameplay of any major sporting title, MLB The Show 20 has a slew of new features across its game modes.

One of those features is the introduction of custom leagues.

Custom leagues

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ONLINE BATTLE: Fight it out with friends for the World Series

Whether you enjoy a challenging competition or want something a little more relaxed, there is a league for you.

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Commissioners can set their league atmosphere as “Relaxed” or “Competitive” so that you can find the most enjoyable league that matches what you and your buddies want.

League types

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CLAIM THE CROWN: Can you take the World Series home?

After that you want to pick your league type. This can be the 40-Man Live MLB League which features the 40-man rosters of all 30 teams and is updated frequently throughout the year. This allows you to act as GM and make some splashy trades.

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Or you can use the Diamond Dynasty Collection League which allows you to use your entire Diamond Dynasty Collection of player items to build your lineup. Commissioners can even set restrictions on team overalls to keep things even.

Season length & playoffs

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MAGIC MOMENT: Be the playoff hero you always wanted to be

Every league, regardless of competitive or roster setting, has a regular season that leads to a playoff bracket, and with no limit on number of seasons there is always next year if you don't quite make the cut.

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The season length is determined by the number of players within the league and how many times each team plays the other.

There is also no rigid calendar that requires all games from one day to be completed before moving to the next. That means if two players are online and have the time they can knock out every season game between them in one go!

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